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David J. Sadegh: Your Attorney for Real Property Issues

When dealing with landlord and tenant laws, it is important to have help from seasoned and practiced attorneys.  Clients can come from either side of the situation, as landlords or as tenants, so it is important to have a lawyer with a strong background and experience.  Do you think you’ve found the right lawyer for your landlord/tenant claim? 

David J. Sadegh: Background and Focus

After having received a Bachelor of Arts degree from The University of Texas at Austin, David J. Sadegh graduated from the University of Houston Law Center in 2006 and was admitted to the State Bar of Texas the same year.  Early in his career, David worked as a solo practitioner and for large and small firms as well. He has dealt with a variety of commercial and residential real property issues, consumer disputes and general civil litigation matters.

David’s focus is on real property matters, including commercial and residential  landlord/tenant law. He also handles foreclosures and foreclosure defense, title disputes, real property transactions, and issues surrounding property transactions.

David believes that it is essential for clients to have someone well-versed in real property and commercial and residential landlord and tenant cases.  There is a lack of attorneys who spend a majority of their time in this field of practice. 

If a lawyer attempting to practice real property law and commercial and residential landlord/tenant law is not well-versed in Texas law, then the chances of success are greatly diminished.  This is the reason why David intends to spend a significant amount of his time in this field for the foreseeable future.

Being able to help people handle the stress of legal issues is what inspired David to become an attorney.  He is focused on making a difference in people’s lives by solving issues and resolving disputes, as this is what he considers to be most rewarding. 

Back in law school, David was awarded a fellowship from Equal Justice Works, a nonprofit organization that facilitates law students’ fellowships at legal services organizations.  Each year, they award fellowships to only two people in every state. David started his fellowship after graduating from law school.  This two-year fellowship was instrumental in giving him a kick-start to his real property and landlord/tenant law practice.

David helps his clients understand their rights, and he lays out the options for their legal issues.  He is skilled at breaking down situations and facts to make them understandable to his clients. Legal terminology can often be difficult to understand, so he tries to make it simple and clear.  Above all, developing a rapport with his clients makes it easier for him to provide the best solutions.

Perry, Shields, Campbell & Floyd, PLLC

David J. Sadegh is an attorney at Perry, Shields, Campbell & Floyd, PLLC.  The firm’s mission is to provide unmatched legal services anchored to quality by way of expertise, accountability, and focus, and to anticipate the needs of clients in a manner that adheres to the highest standards of excellence and integrity, ensuring cost and time efficiency.  

Perry, Shields, Campbell & Floyd is divided into two practice areas: oil and gas cases and general practice matters, which is where David practices.

The firm represents clients in miscellaneous cases in family law, bankruptcy, personal injury, probate, and civil litigation.  They also cater to clients who are facing difficulties in insurance cases, like claims against insurance companies. Perry, Shields, Campbell & Floyd pride themselves in having a wide scope.  With more than 140 years combined experience, their attorneys are prepared to protect your interests no matter what issues you may encounter.

Geographical Areas Served

The Houston office primarily serves Harris County and the seven counties that surround it, but the firm can take on cases anywhere in Texas.

Perry, Shields, Campbell & Floyd has four locations in Texas.  Their headquarters is in Midland, TX, but they also have offices in Houston, Austin, and San Antonio. 

As a LegalMatch subscriber, I get lists of people who need attorneys and I can go straight to looking at their cases, rather than spending a lot of time networking or searching for clients some other way.

David Sadegh, Perry, Shields, Campbell & Floyd, PLLC

Connecting with LegalMatch

David J. Sadegh has been a member of LegalMatch for many years, and has found it very helpful in his career.  He shared, “LegalMatch is convenient and easy to use. It’s great for clients, because you don’t have to sift through advertisements or try to find somebody who’s hired an attorney before.  You just post the details of your legal issues online and the attorneys will come to you.” 

He added, “ As a LegalMatch subscriber, I get lists of people who need attorneys and I can go straight to looking at their cases, rather than spending a lot of time networking or searching for clients some other way.”

Any advice for other attorneys?

David J. Sadegh thinks that sometimes attorneys lose sight of a very important and fundamental part of a successful practice: being responsive to clients.  For him, this is basic customer service. People want to feel that their attorney is always accessible, keeps them updated on the case progress, and responds to them when needed.  He stressed, “Keep the client informed of what’s going on and answer the client’s questions as quickly as possible. Make sure the client feels like they’re an important part of the case, because obviously, they are the main part of the case.”

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  • Posted by Raphael Chung Jul 14, 2019
  • Posted by Serena Cooper Apr 02, 2019
  • Posted by Melissa LaFrenier Mar 18, 2019

    I WAS SOLD ON HIS ABILITY TO CUT OUR THE HOURLY AND GOT A FAIR, REASONABLE FLAT FEE. IT WAS JUST WHAT I NEEDED TO HEAR. You Rock David. He didn't hesitate to our needs. And was not a push over in the court room if he felt he was accurate in his knowlegde of the law. I Really Respected that, SEEING as THATS WHY WE CIVILIANS HIRE LAWYERS TO FIGHT FOR OUR RIGHTS. thanks David! Hats off.

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