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Airan Law, PA

Your case is unlike any other. That is the stance of Airan Law, PA, a respectable law firm in Miami, Florida. From business litigation to real estate litigation, Airan Law, PA handles your case with respect and a fresh eye. With more than three decades of experience, they bring their clients a wide variety of aggressive and creative solutions that will give them the best outcome.

About Airan Law, PA

Airan Law, PA has earned its reputation by practicing in the field of real estate, business, and commercial litigation. They offer real estate litigation and transaction law services to lenders (including REO servicers), real estate developers, real estate professionals, buyers and investors. The law firm takes pride in winning medium to high profile cases for the past 35 years.

Early Career Of Damodar Airan

Damodar Airan, president and founder of Airan Law, PA, has always been passionate about real estate development, even when he first started as an engineer. Before he became a lawyer, he first started as an engineer. He has a doctorate in Civil and Environmental Engineering and worked as an engineer for almost 15 years. But something happened that went on to change everything.

While working as a consulting engineer on important projects, including a 97-acre landfill, for the Town of Surfside, FL, a city official solicited him for a bribe. Instead of giving the bribe demanded by the corrupt official, Mr. Airan reported him to the State Attorney’s office.  With the help of State Attorney’s lawyers, he spent more than 2,000 hours of his time over four (4) years to get the official convicted. From then on, Mr. Airan developed a whole new respect for legal professionals.

It was the turning point of his life where he had a euphoria to become a respectable attorney himself. At the time he was already in his mid thirties and had a comfortable living as a successful engineer, but he decided it was time to go to law school. He was firm about this specific calling and has no regrets following it.

Mr. Airan considers himself fortunate to have a strong support system especially from his wife who also followed him to law school and is a practicing lawyer for more than twelve (12) years. The firm, now Airan Law, P.A., continues to grow, with Real Estate, Banking and Commercial Litigation being its primary focus.


I will honestly say that [LegalMatch] has been worth it.

Damodar Airan, Airan Law, PA

Awards And Advice

Damodar Airan is a respectable member of the legal community and served on the board of directors of the Dade County Bar Association for nine years. He is also the former chairman of the Construction Law Committee, and a member or chair of a number of other committees. Undoubtedly, those are testaments to his success and passion for his chosen field.

If there is one piece of advice he could give to young attorneys who are just starting out in the field, it is to dig deep into the case and not just work on the surface. Fully understand the case and the law, and that can help them achieve the best outcome for their client. He also encourages lawyers to listen to their clients and do everything possible under the law to get what the clients want. His engineering background gave him the principle that every problem has a solution, so he thinks lawyers should alway come up with a litigation strategy and not accept court decisions if they think it is wrong. His judgement is always guided by common sense and, for him, that is the sure path to success.

Airan Law, PA And LegalMatch

A top lawyer like Damodar Airan would be highly critical of any service he needs to rely on. One of those services include the services of LegalMatch. LegalMatch provides solutions to the problems both lawyers and clients have in terms of finding the right lawyer-client match.

For almost two decades, LegalMatch continues to build software and technologies that help bridge the gap between top US lawyers and individuals looking for the right attorney. Through LegalMatch, Mr. Airan has gotten good cases which he finds interesting to work on. He stressed, “I will honestly say that [LegalMatch] has been worth it.”

Your case is unique and important at Airan Law, PA. If you need the assistance of a trustworthy lawyer in Miami for your real estate and commercial needs, then Damodar Airan is the lawyer that can capably handle your legal needs. Contact Airan Law, PA today.

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