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Developing Practical Solutions for Complex Legal Issues

At The Siegel Law Firm, complex issues become simple.

Some legal issues can be very complicated for those who don’t have formal legal training, but President and founder Bradley R. Siegel makes it possible for clients to clearly understand the direction of their case

The firm’s philosophy is to turn complex legal issues into a comprehensible format, which includes sharing a knowledge of legal terminology and explaining the potential consequences of every action they take. The focus of The Siegel Law Firm is not the amount of money a client will spend. Instead, they find more satisfaction in knowing that each client they deal with has a clear picture of the legal strategy that is developed to guide them through the legal process.


The Siegel Law Firm has a main office located at 591 Stewart Avenue in Garden City, New York. The Siegel Law Firm accepts clients from Nassau, Suffolk, Queens, Manhattan, and Brooklyn and the surrounding areas. Clients can meet at their offices strategically situated in Garden City, Jamaica, Brooklyn and, One Penn Plaza in Manhattan.

Above all, the firm considers open communication as the primary ingredient to fostering meaningful and lasting relationships between clients and attorneys. In order to forge this relationship, The Siegel Law Firm sets a realistic approach to deliver their services by having multiple locations where clients can come in for a face-to-face meeting, and regularly update clients by e-mail, telephone, and text message

Bradley R. Siegel

Bradley R. Siegel founded the Siegel Law Firm P.C. in 2007 and it has since focused on all  real estate matters including residential and commercial closings and litigation, representing landlords and tenants in landlord-tenant matters, business law, employment law and general commercial litigation. 

Mr. Siegel has more than 30 years of experience as a practicing attorney while dealing with financing, dispositions, acquisitions, record keeping, and brokerage (including new developments and construction). He has also handled corporate, partnership, and limited liability company (LLC) transactions.

Mr. Siegel joined the advisory board for the National Suffolk Legal Services, which he considers a unique and rare honor. The aim of the board is to provide legal services for those who cannot afford to hire a lawyer. 

Prior to establishing The Siegel Law Firm, he acted as General Counsel for Jack Parker Corporation and also served as one of the members of the company’s executive committee. He served the Jack Parker Corporation for 17 years, and the insights from his time with this business helped developed his skills in real estate, corporate, and business issues.

Specialized Fields

The firm, now on its tenth year of serving clients, is made up of seasoned attorneys that practice in various fields of law. Although their practice focuses on the areas real estate law, there are additional practice areas that the attorneys in the firm are well versed.

Other concentrations of the firm include lawsuits in connection with accidents, including train accidents and other types of personal injury. It also tackles New York criminal defense cases, loan workouts, financing, business loan contracts, and commercial leasing. Its associates have high levels of expertise on health care, employment law, and investments.

LegalMatch gives us the opportunity to answer the questions of potential clients out there. There is also a continuing flow of potential clients. So I think some of my colleagues who aren't aware are missing out on that opportunity to these referrals or potential clients.

Bradley R. Siegel, The Siegel Law Firm, P.C.

The Benefits of LegalMatch

When asked what type of advantage LegalMatch has provided for him, Mr Siegel stated, “LegalMatch gives us the opportunity to answer the questions of potential clients out there. There is also a continuing flow of potential clients. So I think some of my colleagues who aren’t aware are missing out on that opportunity to these referrals or potential clients.” This is the main reason why he has already recommended the service to fellow attorneys.

Why Choose Siegel Law Firm

Every law firm is unique and these unique variables are the traits clients like you should weigh when searching for a lawyer in your area. Being ill-informed of the pros and cons of law offices may come as a shock, which could lead to a lot of unnecessary risk at the end.

As the Internet is laden with so much information regarding the various fields of law, you would think that finding some solutions on online could provide the answers and there’s no need for a lawyer’s assistance anymore. While there are great insights and explanations you can find online, you can’t be sure that what you read will be the right solution to your case. 

Each case is unique, which means the law and outcome of a case on the Internet cannot always match your unique situation. While they may have some similarities, the fact remains that each case has unique facts/circumstances and require a unique approach.

The Siegel Law Firm makes sure that their approach to each case is fully explained in a way their clients would easily understand. Legal terminologies often used in cases are clearly defined and solutions or strategies are laid down so that clients can easily follow the case from start to finish. 

Lawyers at Siegel Law Firm are always on the lookout for the best interests of their clients. They try their best to build relationships with each client to reassure them and alleviate any stress.

They make it possible to explain the roadmap of the case so that clients are able to follow their progress. Only honest answers can be obtained from the professionals at the Siegel Law Firm, because they know where their clients are coming from. 

In the end, their focus is on sincerity and transparency. Siegel Law Firm knows that legal issues can cost a lot, so that’s why they do their best to tell clients how much they should be prepared to spend to get the outcome they need. 

Reviews (20)
  • Posted by Wayne Mockler Apr 29, 2019

    in process

  • Posted by Amanda Rios Mar 04, 2019
  • Posted by maureen white Oct 14, 2018

    I just hired this lawyer and so far I am quite satisfied with the quick response and knowledgeable information I have gotten. I feel quite confident that based on my experience with this lawyer so far,, my case will be resolved quickly and justice will be served in my favor.

  • Posted by Adriano Seelenfreund Aug 28, 2018

    We spoken on the phone on a very nice and direct conversation, he did not push me into any specific direction just gave me different avenues to the possible conclusion to my case. I was very satisfied after our call ended.Thank you

  • Posted by Christopher Pezzuto Jul 24, 2018
  • Posted by Laura Miller Jun 23, 2018
  • Posted by Andrew Fabrey Jun 09, 2018


  • Posted by Gerald Philip MacKenzie Dec 03, 2014
  • Posted by amauris perez Feb 20, 2014

    efficient, talktative, expert, all around a gentleman. thanks legal match

  • Posted by Noel Beato Nov 03, 2013

    Mr. Siegel was honest and helpful. I ended up paying retainer fee and not really using his service.

  • Posted by Roosevelt Johnson Sep 09, 2013
  • Posted by tiffany martinez Jul 13, 2011

    he is great

  • Posted by Miranda Rogers May 11, 2011

    Mr Siegel was very helpful. Our case ended with a settlement, Mr Siegel double check all paperwork and made sure all documents were correct. He even caught mistakes in verbiage made by the court and got them corrected. We will no longer try to maneuver the NYC court systems alone again,we will call Mr Siegel from the start.

  • Posted by Maria Bergeret Mar 25, 2011

    I was on a very bad situation with my landlord. Brad and Michael did an excellent job. They were able to understand my situation and help me. Brad returned my phone calls right away. They were very professional and caring at the same time. Thank you both!

  • Posted by Robert Falco Mar 15, 2011

    Brad was very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. I received insightful advice and helpful guidance even in the intial free consultation. He knows the ins and outs of the system, so having him represent me provided me with a valuable edge which resulted in an outcome even better than I had expected. I will most certainly be using his services again in the future.

  • Posted by frank piccione Feb 17, 2011

    Mr. Siegel was very personable and well qualified-......

  • Posted by Frank Katz Feb 16, 2011

    Excellent attorney - always available and very responsive.

  • Posted by Ruth Blau Sep 15, 2010

    From the beginning Brad was very helpful, he advised me even before I hired him with no obligation, he was not trying at all to convince me to hire him (the only lawyer that didn't tell me with a lawyer you have a better chance ) but still was helpfull, and before I hired him I told him that even if I solve the matter with my landlord he will be the first lawyer I will hire if I ever need one for other issues . in the end Brad got me more then I expected so I am very happy, Brad is very professional but above all he is a MENTCH,

  • Posted by LAWAN TYSON Jun 17, 2010

    Bradley Siegel worked extremely hard to help me reclaim my refund. He is an excellent attorney.

  • Posted by bryan shim Jun 22, 2009

    Mr.Siegel was outstanding and supported from start to finished.He was very proffessional.I liked his job and sure I will hire again if I needed.Thank you!

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