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Running a business has its own share of complexities, from coming up with a name to facing legal roadblocks. In times like this, it helps to have the help of a trusted legal professional that understands both the business world and the law. Becker and Poliakoff LLP, a respectable law firm in New York, helps businesses, government entities, and individuals handle business disputes despite the complex and layered world of business law.

About Becker

Founded in 1973, the lawyers at Becker have always been pioneers; boldly breaking new ground and taking unconventional approaches to tough legal challenges. With experienced attorneys and a solid track record of innovative thinking, we’re relentlessly focused on you – your business, your objectives and your challenges We do it all with one goal in mind: moving your forward and helping you succeed. The attorneys of Becker have a proven track record of successfully handling a wide range of cases involving business law, such as commercial litigation; employment contracts; corporate governance; breach of contract; real estate transactions; class action lawsuits; counsel services for public and private companies; public and private partnerships; mergers and acquisitions; private funds; capital markets; FINRA and SEC proceedings; tax controversy; estate planning; elder law; government law; and a whole lot more.

You can trust that their cases are well-organized and headed by a variety of legal professionals who are experts in each area of law. Becker has served government entities, publicly traded corporations, insurance companies, financial institutions, developers, entrepreneurs, contractors, design professionals, small businesses, and individuals all over New York, New Jersey, Washington D.C., and Florida. These lawyers do it all with one goal in mind: moving you forward.

Meet Albert Lawler

Albert Lawler is one of the attorneys on staff at Becker and Poliakoff LLP. Mr. Lawler credits the fact that he was raised in a home with legal professionals as to why he pursued the law. Since 1978, Mr. Lawler has worked with several clients and has built a strong network in the industry. Mr. Lawler, along with other lawyers at Becker and Poliakoff LLP, has been fearlessly pushing the edge of what’s possible for their clients.

They’ve carefully cultivated their practice to give you the best services through formidable expertise, strategically creative thinking, and their undivided attention. The firm’s management also sets the tone for the firm’s culture of collaboration and innovation,These lawyers are widely recognized by their peers in the profession for their achievement and are noted experts in their practice areas.


I wouldn't have any way to reach a specific kind of client except through the internet or through LegalMatch.

Albert Lawler, Becker

Albert Lawler and LegalMatch

A sophisticated attorney like Albert Lawler aims to make the society a better place for each individual. LegalMatch shares the same values with Mr. Lawler. For almost two decades, LegalMatch has matched countless lawyers to clients who are in need of their specific services. It is the goal of LegalMatch to help bridge the gap between top US legal professionals and their prospective clients through the innovation of software and technologies.

“I wouldn’t have any way to reach a specific kind of client except through the internet or through LegalMatch”, Mr. Lawler stated. He added that majority of the clients he gets from LegalMatch are start-up businesses which he always likes to work with because business law is his specialization. “I think of myself as their champion”, Mr. Lawler said.

Based on statistics, nine out of ten small businesses fail but those that stay on usually become loyal clients because they come back on a yearly basis. He finds fulfillment in helping these small businesses thrive and assisting them when it comes to contracts and other legal matters.

If you reside in New York City and need legal assistance regarding your business, real estate, corporate, or commercial issues,  Albert Lawler of Becker is the lawyer to call.


Reviews (4)
  • Posted by Robert sterbens Mar 12, 2018

    Very knowledgeable on all facets of franchising: FDD, LOI, Sellers Agreement, Franchise Agreement

  • Posted by Joseph Labita Feb 09, 2012


  • Posted by Carl Peterson Jul 05, 2011

    Mr. Albert Lawler provided a professional and efficient service to Calvary Chapel during our dissolution filing and approval process. I would highly recommend his services for churches. He researched the case and provided the necessary details to do things properly and legally.

  • Posted by Shaker Alomari Feb 09, 2011

    i need my case to be done ASAP.

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