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A Family-First Lawyer

The hardest issue a person may face may be the dispute against those kin to them. Sutherland Law, PLC, a law firm in Southwest Michigan, assists individuals who are going through tough legal situations regarding issues between family members.

Attorney Kevin Sutherland has a lot of experience bringing satisfying outcomes to a variety of cases involved in family law including: divorce, legal adoption, spousal support, child custody, grandparents visitation, legal separation, UCCJEA, and many more.

Mr. Sutherland is not limited to family law, as he also deals with landlord-tenant law and criminal law. If you are currently residing in Grand Rapids, as well as Ottawa County, Allegan, Kalamazoo County, or pretty much anywhere in the Southwest Michigan area, you can rely on Sutherland Law, PLC to assist you with your case.

Building A Strong Foundation In Law Practice

As early as high school, Mr. Sutherland dreamed of being a lawyer. He has always been a problem solver and gets a lot of satisfaction in handling challenging issues. A lot of it has to do with his upbringing, having a father with a corporate career, whom he modeled his skills from. He became more serious about being a lawyer during his undergraduate studies at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs while studying criminal justice and pre-law.

During law school, he took every opportunity to sharpen his skills and pushed through the school curriculum and books by applying his education to real world examples in the legal field. He went on to graduate with honors and receive his Juris Doctorate at Western Michigan University-Cooley Law. During law school he encouraged himself to gain all the experiences he can that would build his career foundation.

Through personal life experiences and commitment, Mr.Sutherland became the attorney who can serve and help others live the quality life they deserve. That is the reason he always wanted to be a lawyer–to help others. He has a fiery commitment to his profession, and once he gets involved in a case, he will not step back until he achieves the best possible outcome.

By going beyond what is expected of him, Mr. Sutherland has built a strong reputation with his clients, ensuring that they can come back for help with their future legal issues. He acknowledges that his concern over the outcome is what pushes him to work hard and strategize. But when he takes his place at the counsel table, he is ready to zealously advocate for his clients.

Values And Motivation

Being exposed to the corporate world through his father’s business activities early in life molded Mr. Sutherland to develop a professional work ethic. He believes in the importance of family ties and how stressful it can be for those going through a family dispute. His focus is on the client’s well-being.

Mr. Sutherland is the type of lawyer who strives to get involved in the community. He can see that there are individuals who need a lawyer to help them understand their legal rights – not just in family issues, but also in other areas of law like business litigation and criminal law.

Whenever a client reaches out to him, he makes sure that his client avoids unnecessary risks that would worsen their situation. Instead, he offers solutions that would make them feel safe and valued. With a strategic mind paired with a genuine intent to serve, Mr. Sutherland has the courage and ability to make a difference.

LegalMatch allows me to screen enough of the clients in terms of what their issue is to make sure that we're a good fit because the attorney-client relationship is everything.

Kevin Sutherland, Sutherland Law, PLC

What Makes Sutherland Law Successful?

For a young firm, it can be a challenge to compete with larger firms. When asked what made him and his firm successful, Mr. Sutherland stressed that their edge is their focus on the use of modern technology while preserving attorney-client privileges, data protection, and all those essential things that need to be crafted to carry on a very confidential and personal legal practice.

They have the technological infrastructure that allows them to do things faster, better and at a more controlled scope that results in more efficiency. He stated, “The reason why we’re different is because of technology. We’re using these things safely and reasonably and in a way that’s allowing us to serve clients better than my competitors.”

His advice to new attorneys and firms who are just starting out, “Make sure you have what you need to get your systems in place and make your clients feel comfortable. As a new attorney, the public is expecting and demanding a lot from us. It’s important that those systems are there and ready before you take the first phone call.”

The Benefits of LegalMatch

When asked what type of advantage LegalMatch has provided for him, Mr Sutherland stated, “LegalMatch is great in terms of providing communications and opportunities for the public to reach me. The biggest issue I have as a solo practitioner is how to make the potential clients aware that I exist. In this day and age with larger firms, it’s so important to have the public know you’re there.”

He added, “LegalMatch allows me to screen enough of the clients in terms of what their issue is to make sure that we’re a good fit because the attorney-client relationship is everything.” With these, he would definitely recommend LegalMatch not just to other lawyers but to individuals seeking legal help as well.

If you are currently seeking a long-term relief from a tough legal situation that involves your family, then you can be confident that Sutherland Law will see every important angle, provide a serious approach and outstanding care, protect your best interest, and give you trusted and informed insight. Begin your consultation today.

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