What Is a Mortgage Lender?

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What Is a Mortgage?

A mortgage is a real estate lien against property. The lien is placed against the property by mortgage lender who uses the property as collateral in exchange for lending the homeowner money to purchase the property.

What Is a Mortgage Lender?

A mortgage lender is an individual or company that loans money in exchange for interest in residential or commercial real estate. A lender can provide more than just real estate loans to homeowners. It can also offer other types of products connected to loans.

Mortgage bankers are also commonly referred to as mortgage lenders. They originate their mortgage loans and sell them in bundles to secondary market to public and private investors.

Are There Different Types of Mortgage Lenders?

Yes. Mortgage lenders are also:

What Is the Difference between Wholesale and Warehouse Mortgage Lenders?

Wholesale lenders originate and service their loans, then sell them. A warehouse lender provides financing to smaller lenders.

Should I Contact a Lawyer about a Mortgage Lender?

Acquiring a mortgage requires legal assistance to ensure the process goes smoothly. Talk to a real estate lawyer if you have any questions about mortgage lenders and any disputes with lenders.

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