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What Is The Underwriting Process?

On an application for life insurance, a life insurance company typically asks medical, family history, lifestyle, occupation, and financial questions about the applicant. This process is called underwriting. Each life insurance company has its own underwriting rules, which vary significantly between companies and policies.

How Do Life Insurance Companies Use the Underwriting Process?

The underwriting process is designed to categorize applicants who seek life insurance policies. After the application and medical information about the applicant is completely gathered from a background check of the applicant, the underwriters make their underwriting decisions in two stages.

What Are Some Categories Analyzed by a Life Insurance Company during the Underwriting Process?

During the underwriting process, a life insurance company uses a series of factors to determine an applicant's risk of death. Some of the factors analyzed during this process include:

Do I Need an Attorney?

Although life insurance companies have a broad range of categories they can use to determine if an applicant is eligible for a life insurance policy, there are still some factors such companies cannot consider when determining eligibility. One example is a person's race. If you feel you have been unfairly denied a life insurance policy, you may want to contact an attorney experienced in insurance matters to see if you are entitled to any damages for being unfairly discriminated against. An lawyer can advise you of your rights, and advise you of what course of action you should take.

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