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Is Hiring a Lawyer Going to Be Expensive?

It depends on several factors. Generally, there may be different kinds of legal fees available when hiring a lawyer. Below are some common types of fee arrangements:

Is the Fee All I Have to Pay When I Hire a Lawyer?

No. The client is also expected to pay "costs" on top of the fee that is charged by the lawyer. Costs typically include the price of copies, process service, deposition transcripts, but may also include travel expenses, court time, and many other associated expenses that went into the case.

Should I Have a Fee Agreement with My Lawyer?

Yes, in fact it may be required by the lawyer under the rules of the state bar. At the first meeting with the client, the lawyer should discuss the fee and the costs, and should prepare the arrangement in writing.The type of arrangements made in the beginning of a case will have a significant impact on how much the service will ultimately cost. The fee agreement should include:

What Are the Common Fees in Different Areas?

In different areas, lawyers usually use a certain kind of fee. Below are some examples of common areas and fees normally charged for such a case:

How Do I Know If I Am Being Charged Too Much?

There is no one direct answer to "how much should a lawyer cost?" However, there are several helpful ways of generalizing how much lawyer fees will be. For example, understanding all the average cost nationwide of a child custody case, filing for bankruptcy, or fighting a DUI helps put the legal fees into perspective. The best practice is to consult with more than one lawyer until you find a fit that it right for you.

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