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The largest county in Hawai’i and the only county to have an incorporated city within its limits, Honolulu County is the island chain’s most visited destination. Honolulu County is composed of the entire island of O’ahu, as well as several smaller islands to the North West. It was originally founded by King Kamehameha I, the only Hawaiian King to successfully unite every island in the entire archipelago.

Honolulu County HI Lawyers

Honolulu County lawyers can assist you with any legal issue you may be facing. These include criminal defense, immigration, personal injury, bankruptcy, family law, and many more.
Honolulu County saw the beginning of one of America’s most important eminent domain cases. In the 1960’s, over 72% of the land in Honolulu Count was owned by about 20 people. To rectify this problem the state enacted a law allowing it to condemn up to 5 acre parcels of land at the request of a tenant on that land, and then sell the parcel to the tenant. Hawaii Housing Authority v. Midkiff challenged this law, and the law was upheld by the Supreme Court. 
Attorneys in Honolulu County should be familiar with the various courts within O’ahu’s First Circuit. Different courts in Hawai’i have different rules, and your Honolulu County attorney should be familiar with the procedures of your Honolulu County courts.
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