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Property Insurance Discrimination Lawyers

For most people, obtaining homeowner's insurance is required to be eligible to purchase a home.  Unfortunately, some insurance companies have employed discriminatory practices in determining premiums and coverage. Inner-city residents are often denied insurance coverage and, when successful, are forced to pay more for less coverage.

What Is Property Insurance Discrimination?

Property insurance discrimination is the unequal treatment of people in obtaining property insurance without regard to legal rights or ability.

Insurance discrimination is manifested in two ways: 

What Rights do I Have?

The federal law that protects you from being discriminated against when you apply for property insurance is the Fair Housing Act (FHA). 

The FHA prohibits discrimination in residential real-estate transactions based on national origin, race, sex, religion, handicaps, and familial status.

What Can I Do if I Have Been Discriminated Against?

A victim of property insurance discrimination has a number of options including: 

How Do I Prove that I Have Been Discriminated against?

In order to state a claim under the Fair Housing Act, discrimination can be shown by one of two ways: 

Should I Consult a Lawyer about my Property Insurance Discrimination Claim?

Pursing a property insurance discrimination claim against an insurance company can be complicated and stressful. An experienced real property lawyer can help you meet mandatory filing deadlines specific to your claim and preserve any legal remedies you may have.

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