Child Support Enforcement: Federal Parent Locator Service

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What is the Child Support Enforcement Program?

The Child Support Enforcement Program was designed as a partnership between federal, state and local agencies. These groups share information through the program to help enforce child support orders that are not being paid fully or at all.

What is the Federal Parent Locator Service (FPLS)?

The Federal Parent Locator Service (FPLS) is a nationwide computer system that:

How Does FPLS Work?

The FPLS works through the use of two databases:

Who Can Use FPLS?

The Federal Parent Locator Service can usually only be used by state agencies and courts that seek to regulate and enforce child support, visitation and custody. Private individuals cannot use the system directly, but must make requests through either their state agency or court.

Do I Need a Lawyer to Use These Programs?

If you are seeking to establish or enforce child support, it may be wise to speak with an experienced family lawyer. Consulting with a family lawyer can help you understand your options and help you deal with the complicated legal system.

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