The Legal Chamber • May 2010

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Top Gadgets for Lawyers in 2010

Lawyers enjoy one of the few professions that are notorious for having really cool stuff like corner offices, fancy cars, and vacation homes. Lawyers also have one of the most demanding jobs which can sometimes wear you down. If you feel monotony setting in check out the gadgets below that promise to increase productivity and spice up your work life!

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Sinking Your Teeth into Search Marketing

If you have a law firm, then you likely have some form of website to attract internet users searching for a lawyer. Many lawyers, and internet businesses, use a tactic called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) spreading links throughout the internet which in theory makes your site easier to find. LegalMatch lawyers enjoy the benefits of a staff with years of SEO experience attracting potential clients. For you other folks, the websites below are a few places to check out if you are trying to increase your website's popularity:

SEO Chat has a lot of informational and interactive links that will help you grasp essential SEO concepts and theories. They also have informative articles on topics like selecting dynamic keywords and how-to sections if you run into trouble.

Directory Listings are a good way to get your links out so that people stumble upon your site. The more visitors you get the higher your website's rank will be. Make sure you are listed in the legal industry and specify your area of practice so clients are aware the services you offer.

Start a Blog and update it regularly. Make sure to write about things that target the kind of clients you want and remember to keep it related to your practice area. Blogs are commonplace in every industry now because they are a great way to reach your target demographic and demonstrate your knowledge.

Twitter is everywhere. This dandy little social media application is probably already on your mobile phone and it's a great way to connect with other folks in your industry as well as showcase your expertise by posting links to your blog.  Plenty of the Big Law attorneys Tweet. Why aren't you?

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Legal Marketing Tip 4: Your J.D. is NOT an M.B.A.

Most Common Reasons to Visit a Business LawyerDo you remember taking that really great course in law school?  You know—the one where you learned how to effectively operate, market, and sell your business in the post-graduate world?

Funny.  Neither do I. 

Lawyers graduate from law school. Not business school or marketing school.

The first step toward running a successful law practice is to acknowledge that you don't know everything about running a business, and that it's perfectly ok (and even expected) to seek the help of those who do. 

Hanging a shingle in the street just isn't going to cut it—especially in a highly competitive market like law.  Every attorney out there is constantly seeking out new ways to get clients in the door, and not one of them wants to compromise their integrity or come off as desperate. 

If you're looking to run at the head of the pack, you have to accept that you will need to seek help from other people.  Especially those who did go to school for marketing and do have experience getting new clients for businesses like yours.

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Outrageous Court Rulings = Big Money

Practicing law is like a game and nothing can feel better than a blowout to assert your legal prowess and earn a load of cash from that contingency fee. These kinds of cases rarely happen, but for some reason clients think it's the norm.  For a personal injury lawyer, cases like these are what get you into a new Mercedes AMG or funds the new office in that downtown location you've been eyeing up. Check out the outrageous awards below and remember that it could be your next consultation:

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