10 Reasons Client-Lawyer Matching Works

The legal market is one of the most competitive fields of business in the United States and can often seem daunting to even the most experienced lawyers. As competition gets stiffer, the importance of marketing your practice becomes more evident. Most advertisements tout successful cases and great service, but potential clients are progressively turning to the internet and services like LegalMatch to find representation.

If you've been struggling to find worthwhile clients or simply wish to augment your client base, LegalMatch can help. Below are 10 ways that client-lawyer matching can help bolster your client base:

  1. Quality Cases — One of the most popular aspects of LegalMatch is getting to prescreen and hand pick cases that come in through the case intake. These are clients who have outlined their cases - all you need to do is respond.
  2. Steady Client Flow — LegalMatch serves the entire United States and remains the #1 client-lawyer matching system for clients and lawyers alike.
  3. Areas Customized to Your Practice — By specifying your area of practice, or a general practice allocation, you will only receive cases that apply to your specific practice.
  4. Proximity to Clients — Since LegalMatch divides all of their allocations according to locality and specialty of practice, you can customize the magnitude of your area to fit your goals.
  5. Cutting Edge Marketing — LegalMatch consistently stays abreast in the legal and online marketing fields to ensure that potential clients find their way to you. Other legal websites and referral services may offer to host your website but LegalMatch goes beyond to aggressively market their lawyers to prospective clients so that you can instead devote your time to valuable cases.
  6. Customer Service — LegalMatch's team of Marketing Managers assist new lawyers with implementing LegalMatch into their practices, including helping to set up attorney profile pages, draft client responses, and make sure each lawyer gets the most out of what LegalMatch has to offer. The Marketing Managers update and revamp lawyers' pages according to current successful marketing practices so that you're as pleased with the results as these guys.
  7. Save Time — By previewing the list of cases in your area with details, LegalMatch lawyers can avoid worthless referrals and walk-in clients and devote their billable hours to cases with merit.
  8. Increased Revenue — LegalMatch's dependable stream of high quality cases increases the value of your practice by significantly swelling the number of cases that you may consider as well as the percentage of valuable cases that you will take.
  9. LegalMatch Expertise — LegalMatch has been around for over a decade now and remains America's #1 legal matching service. Aside from attorney resources, LegalMatch's LegalCenter is popular among consumers who wish to learn more about their case by utilizing the free legal blogs, newsletters, law library, and legal forums. The LegalMatch reputation and satisfaction guarantee keep customers coming back again and again.
  10. Client Satisfaction Guarantee — LegalMatch is dedicated to finding reputable lawyers who will be a good fit with our service and clientele. LegalMatch pre-screens all of the member attorneys and backs them with a satisfaction guarantee.

If you think LegalMatch may be a good fit for your practice or wish to learn more about the service then request more information or check out the LegalMatch Attorney website.

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Legal Marketing Tip 2: Introduce Your Clients to Reality

Every lawyer has to deal with problematic clients. When their case takes an unexpected turn for the worse and there's nothing that can be done, many clients will become upset and put the blame on their attorney. But people don't normally do this without any reason—this, and other, similar situations, occur most often when a client's expectations are set unrealistically high.

Before agreeing to represent your client, you should always make time to discuss the difference between realistic and unrealistic expectations for their case. Find out what the client wants to achieve and let them know if it is a feasible goal. If your client comes in with high expectations and you aren't confident that you can deliver their desired results, be honest. Tell them the truth! You should never take a case outside of your comfort level just to coax a few extra bucks through the door. And you'll thank yourself later.

If you don't discuss and set realistic expectations before taking on every new client, you are setting yourself up for disaster. Your time can be spent in a million more productive ways when you aren't nursing a stress headache.

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Hilariously Bad Lawyer Marketing 2

Since writing the first article, 5 Worst Lawyer Websites, people have been emailing in examples of funny local TV commercials and posters advertising lawyers. There are so many lawyers out there and nearly every single one has a website (as we learned with Runnel's Law in Part 1). A very select population of lawyers retains the daring and boorish sensibility to attempt fitting their qualifications and level of coolness onto a windshield flyer or bus stop bench. The ads feel sincere and mentally instable like Will Ferrell in the "Dog Lawyer" skit from Saturday Night Live.

Allison (below, left) looks mean, pale, and ready to fight so that you can "smoke pot on probation." What else would a dope attorney do?

L.A.'s Dopest Attorney The Thug's Lawyer

You may have identified the lettering at the top of the advertisement above (right) because it's the same Old English font you chose to tattoo your last name onto your back, or I mean, gang affiliation onto your stomach. Either way, I'm totally interested in Peter "P Ta Mon" John's philosophy behind being "The Thugs Lawyer."

The picture below (left) looks like something out of a Damien Marley music video. Congratulations? I know you're probably saying, "Hey bro, I thought that this was just lawyers." Well if you've been injured in a motorcycle accident then these br-attorneys are here to serve you. Don't worry, they're never stooges that represent insurance companies because they hate the man.

In a truly Mighty Joe Young fashion, Smith and Liggett (above, right) specialize in primate assault, wrongful poaching, circus accidents, and any other personal injury case like dog bites or slip and fall cases that have been driving you bananas.

Same Sex Divorce

If you're in the Chicago area and looking to really irk your spouse during divorce then the folks at FGA Law (above) can help. My mother always told me never to date a girl that shortens her name to end with an "i" but she never said anything about lawyers.

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Essentials for Every Practicing Lawyer

Most clients who haven't hired a lawyer before approach the experience with a certain level of blind faith and contempt. A lawyer understands the "game" of law, but many clients have such heavy personal and financial investments into cases that it can be difficult to disentangle the people from their issues. Furthermore, explaining realistic expectations can be arduous when it comes to actual compensation.

More clients are turning to the internet to do legal research before consulting a lawyer so that they feel more comfortable with the lingo and issues at hand. Home research can make the attorney's job more difficult since many sites reference exorbitant compensation for similar cases that often don't lend themselves to realistic expectations on the client's behalf.

Below are some tips to keep in mind during your day-to-day routine to ensure that you are giving clients what they need.

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