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  The holiday season is once again upon us - albeit this year arriving with increasing uncertainty as to what is in store for attorneys economically in the New Year. One thing is certain, though: people will still need their legal issues resolved. But chances are they'll be shopping around more and taking considerably longer to evaluate responses. How is your practice going to adapt to a changing marketplace? This is the topic one of our newsletter articles this issue.

In this Fall 2008 edition of The Legal Chamber, we'll be honoring accomplishments of some of our member attorneys and also highlighting LegalMatch efforts to expand client acquisitions and to get the word out about LegalMatch to those in the industry that aren't aware of how convenient and easy online legal matching is for consumers.
In This Issue:
Changing With These Turbulent Times
3rd Annual Lawyer of the Year Winners Announced!
Lawyers of the Year: Past and Present
LegalMatch: "Se Habla Español"
LegalMatch Expands Further Into The Blogosphere
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  Changing With These Turbulent Times
  Unless you've been living in a cave (and we don't think you do, since internet access in a cave is spotty at best), you've probably noticed a great deal of economic uncertainty lately. Stocks shoot up one day, then plummet back the next. Gas prices reach record levels in both floors and ceilings in a matter of months. New government incentive plans are lauded as the saving grace… right before they are cast aside as unworkable. What is a small law firm to do to weather this storm?

LegalMatch offers some tips below for staying on top of your financial matters during these trying economic times:
  1. Budget: Know how much cash you have in the bank, and determine how long that will last if clients start defaulting on their payments. Make sure you budget out far enough to weather ebbs and flows.
  2. Balance the cases you take: That personal injury case may look like a winner, but can you weather the storm for two years until you actually see the money? Maybe so, but be sure you balance it out with hourly compensated cases to guarantee your office assistants can still get paid today.
  3. Collections: Be diligent in collecting for all work you perform for a client. Don't let their credit get carried away while they are going through tough times. If they don't pay, pretty soon you'll find yourself in the same boat.
  4. Delegate: If the client can't afford your fee because they're behind on their mortgage, they probably can still pay for your paralegal or legal assistant, who charges a reduced rate. Save the client fees by delegating when possible.
  5. Explain: Keep the lines of communication open with your clients. Reinforce the importance of their payments, and what they can expect if you delegate some of your legal workload. Humanize yourself, so they can better understand your shared financial position.
  6. Flexible Fees: It may be time to reevaluate your retainer. We'd all like clients to pay everything up front, but this now may be impracticable. Consider a payment plan or structure that allows the client to pay for your work over a longer period of time.
  7. Know Your Market: We all hear about the national changes in unemployment and housing. But you don't work nationally - you work locally. Focus on the needs of your own constituency.
  8. Membership Plus: LegalMatch's Membership Plus is a great way to drive more case traffic to you for a minimal cost. Talk to your LegalMatch Marketing Manager about whether Membership Plus is available in your area.
Every law practice is different, but hopefully by adopting some of these changes, your office will continue to grow and prosper with LegalMatch.

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  Meet the LegalMatch 2007 Lawyers of the Year

  Attorney Mazyar Hedayat Headshot Image 2007's Lawyer of the Year winners come from four different States and four different areas of law. They are:

LegalMatch Celebrates 3rd Annual Lawyer of the Year Awards•  Brigida Rodriguez: Dallas, TX
•  Mazyar Hedayat: Chicago, IL
•  Shazam Kianpour: Denver, CO
•  Allen Fiorletta: Grand Rapids, MI

Each named winner received a unique seal on their LegalMatch profile, commemorating their Lawyer of the Year status and increasing their visibility to LegalMatch clients. Wall plaques will also be delivered to each of the winners with their name, legal field, and Lawyer of the Year information beautifully engraved.

Mazyar "Mazy" Hedayat will receive special recognition this year as the overall winner and Lawyer of the Year. Congratulations, Mazy - and thank you all for helping to make LegalMatch a success!

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  New Site Section Launched for Lawyer of the Year Program
  This year's Lawyer of the Year Awards are also accompanied by the launch of a new section of the LegalMatch attorney site. These pages provide detailed information about the Lawyer of the Year Awards Program and will address questions about the program's origins, the attorney nominations process, necessary qualifications, timelines, and available rewards.

This information has been laid out specifically for Member Attorneys and should be helpful to those of you who are interested in becoming a Lawyer of the Year Awards recipient. We hope that these pages will help you to better understand the process behind our nominations, as well as to better prepare yourself for a potential nomination in 2008.

The Lawyer of the Year website section can be found at We encourage you to visit, explore, and let us know what you think


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  LegalMatch: "Se Habla Español"
  When was the last time you actually thumbed through the Yellow Pages?

Our Lawyer of the Year site section isn't the only new project to launch this Fall-our Spanish language intake is also up and running! Thanks to the efforts of LegalMatch marketer Chas Blackford, LegalMatch can now take full advantage of its translated intake system to pull in Spanish-language cases.

Building on the English intake system that has driven LegalMatch's current success, our new system allows users to present their case comfortably in either Spanish or English. Clicking the appropriate country flag icon at the top of the intake page toggles smoothly between the two language options, though English will remain the default language for new users visiting

Translators have been hard at work converting existing Law Library pages into Spanish as well, and many pages which were originally available in English now feature a link at the bottom to an equivalent Spanish-language page. Users can click on the phrase "Vea esta página en español" to view the Spanish version of pages that have been translated. Further translations will continue over the months to come.

A collection of all currently translated pages are available at, LegalMatch's free Spanish-language law library and legal resource for Spanish speakers.

If you are interested in receiving Spanish-language cases from LegalMatch and are not already doing so, please contact your Marketing Manager. For a limited time, there is no additional fee for attorneys who wish to access these cases. Act now before the allocations close and fees are implemented starting January 1, 2009! Or better yet - save big on your taxes by purchasing your 2009 Spanish LegalMatch membership today, and writing off the cost for the current tax year.

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  LegalMatch Expands Further Into The Blogosphere
  LegalMatch recently launched their biggest foray into the wonderful world of web logs, or "blogs", with the LegalMatch Law Blog, found here: In it, you'll find commentary on legal news from today, plus insights into the inner workings of LegalMatch.

LegalMatch is no stranger to blogs; LegalMatch has been running area-of-law specific blogs for years here on our Legal Blog section of the LegalMatch LegalCenter, for all the major areas of law: business law blog, criminal law blog, employment, family law blog, immigration law blog, intellectual property law blog, personal injury law blog, and real estate law blog. But this new blog will expand our reach into novel and exciting areas we have yet to explore.

More blogs equals more people with legal matters finding LegalMatch. This traffic results in greater numbers of people posting cases on LegalMatch, and inevitably additional client engagements for you. The blogs have our name on it, but you are the one who reaps the rewards in the end.

We encourage you to comment on any blog you find interesting or disagree with. Or better yet - why not contribute with one of your own blogs? If you have expertise or an opinion on something legally related happening today, notify your marketing manager, and we'll publish it on LegalMatch's Law Blog. Which is much better than being on Bob Loblaw's Law Blog (that's pronounced Blah Blah Blah's Blah Blah).

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