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Summer 2005 Attorney Newsletter
Welcome to the Summer 2005 issue of The Legal Chamber, LegalMatch's official Attorney Member newsletter. This issue promises to deliver valuable information regarding LegalMatch news, products and services, our recent Customer Survey results, and where LegalMatch will be on the road this summer.

In this issue:
Laurie Ziffrin, Senior Executive and Operations Specialist, to Lead LegalMatch into Next Phase of Development

On June 29th, LegalMatch announced the appointment of Laurie Ziffrin as Chief Executive Officer.

Ziffrin, the former Vice President of Operations for LegalMatch, is a proven senior executive who contributes extensive operational knowledge and client focus to LegalMatch's management team. Ziffrin brings eighteen years of experience in operations, client support and product development.

"Her proven track record at LegalMatch, her focus on process optimization, team building and communication, along with her commitment to employees and customer satisfaction, uniquely qualify her to drive the next phase of LegalMatch's accelerated growth," said Anna Ostrovsky, LegalMatch's Chairperson. Read the entire press release here.

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LegalMatch Financial Services

LegalMatch Financial Services now offers small law firms a number of ways to finance their law practices. Whether you need financing to fulfill your firm's growth potential or would like to diversify your clients' payment options, LegalMatch can provide the right financial services to give your practice the competitive edge.

Full Practice Financing
Our Full Practice Financing program allows you to choose between a number of flexible financing options that best fit your firm's future growth:
  • A Small Business Loan up to $250,000 at competitive market rates;
  • A Personal Loan up to $35,000 at competitive rates;
  • An Equity Line up to 90% of your property value.
LegalMatch Membership Financing
Our Membership Financing program provides the options above, but is designed to help you pay your membership in a single payment. A single payment qualifies you for an applicable discount (between 5% - 20% depending on Membership terms) under LegalMatch's ONE PAY Discount program.

Merchant Account & Credit Card Processing
Our Merchant Account/Credit Card Processing program enables you to diversify your firm's payment options by allowing your clients to pay by credit card. Our Merchant Account program also provides check guarantee, ATM, online processing, and e-commerce options for your practice.
For more information about how you can get financing for your practice, please visit or contact Teva Williams, Manager, Financial Services Group at 415-946-0864 or


LegalMatch Customer Survey Results

Nearly 25,000 cases a month are being presented on LegalMatch, and the number keeps rising. March and April's case totals are 29% higher than over the same period last year. As the case load continues to increase, LegalMatch will reach an incredible milestone: sometime in the early Fall, our 1,000,000th case will come through the system!

There is no way LegalMatch could handle such a case load without our valued Member Attorneys. Our May 2005 Customer Survey indicated that consumers were more than happy with the service, and 96% of respondents said they wouldn't hesitate to use LegalMatch again. Below are some of our findings:
Consumer Survey Results - May 2005
Survey Question/Answers   Percent
How was your experience using LegalMatch?
Easy, anyone could use it. 81.00%
Okay, one or two things need improvement.   10.75%
Somewhat difficult, more than a few things need improvement.   1.73%
Very difficult, I almost quit.   0.58%
Other: (please explain)   5.95%

Would you recommend LegalMatch to a friend, relative or colleague who had a legal issue?
Yes   96.35%
No   3.65%

Would you use LegalMatch again?
Yes   96.93%
No   3.07%

How did you find LegalMatch?
Search Engine   75.05%
Banner Ad   1.54%
Word-of-mouth   4.80%
Magazine Ad   0.00%
Yellow Pages   1.92%
Other   16.70%

What is your gender?
Male   36.66%
Female   63.34%


New LegalMatch Attorney Blog Program

As a special legal resource for our consumers, LegalMatch recently launched our Attorney Blog Program. Member Attorneys are welcome to submit written articles in their chosen category of law aimed towards consumers to be published in one of several blogs and open for comment. Here's a chance to not only help consumers, but to increase visibility for you and your law practice by contributing to this exciting new publishing platform. Legal categories include bankruptcy, criminal, family, employment, business, immigration, intellectual property, personal injury and real estate law. Click here to take a look at our blog program. For more information on the Member Attorney Blog program, please contact Don Keane, V.P. of Marketing, at 415-946-0855 or by email


LegalMatch Roadshow Update

The LegalMatch Roadshow is fresh off the heels of two successful campaigns. In San Francisco, LegalMatch's participation at the NAELA (National Association of Elder Law Attorneys) Convention was a big hit. The highlight of June thus far, however, had to be the 10th Annual Missouri Solo and Small Firm in Lake of the Ozarks, where LegalMatch was a sponsor on red carpet row. LegalMatch representatives Doug Ott and Peter Reis held product demonstrations and spoke with Missouri attorneys, bar executives and key contacts in the legal industry. Two Member Attorneys even showed up to discuss their experience with LegalMatch, and despite the fact that they were handling cases in the same geographic area, both had covered their investment in three months!

The LegalMatch Roadshow also made an appearance in Philadelphia at the NELA (National Employment Lawyers' Association) Convention, our second year of participation. Since this was the 20th Anniversary of NELA, attendance was high, and included several LegalMatch members who came out to discuss their LegalMatch experiences.

Next stop: The ATLA (Association of Trial Lawyers of America) 2005 Annual Convention in Toronto from July 23-27th. This will be LegalMatch's third successive visit to ATLA. In Toronto LegalMatch will be sponsoring receptions for the Employment and Descrimination Law Group, the Family and Criminal Law Group, as well as the Minority Caucus Group.


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