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  Spring 2009 is here, baseball starts anew, tax time is nearly over and it's time for another LegalMatch Newsletter. It's also time for LegalMatch's latest edition of our Newsletter! (Ok, it's not quite a book, but it should warm your heart and provide some highlights direct from the LegalMatch headquarters).

Starting things off is the LegalMatch Blog, a great resource for consumers and attorneys. Next we cover the new LegalMatch Case Rating system that is available to all member attorneys. Have a website? Then you'll definitely want to read about the advantages of linking to LegalMatch. Finally, the LegalMatch Forums hit a momentous milestone.
In This Issue:
LegalMatch's Law Blog Takes Off
Help Us Help You - Improve Case Quality By Rating Your Cases
Foster a Win-Win Linkage to LegalMatch
LegalMatch's Law Forum Hits 10,000 Postings
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  LegalMatch's Law Blog Takes Off
  LegalMatch Law Blog HeaderThousands of clients come to LegalMatch every day looking for the right attorney. In every area of law, we ask consumers some very probing questions about their legal matter. For example, if you're facing drunk driving charges, we ask about your blood alcohol level; or if you are filing for divorce, how many kids you have.

Courts routinely collect similar information, but rarely (if ever) is this valuable data made public. Until now!

LegalMatch has been securely collecting this client data for years, and now finally has the right public forum to share it with you: the LegalMatch Law Blog. Launched at the end of 2008, LegalMatch's Law Blog has been posting updates almost daily on a variety of topics that primarily stem from LegalMatch's own case data.

This is an exciting opportunity for LegalMatch to share what we know about the legal market after 10 years in business, while at the same time attracting more consumer traffic to bring cases to you. The following are just some of topics covered recently on LegalMatch's Law Blog:
  • Criminal Defense: Top Reasons for Drunk Driving Stops
  • Personal Injury: Most Common Injuries in Auto Accidents
  • Bankruptcy: Top Jobs Filing for Bankruptcy
  • Employment Discrimination: Economy Likely Culprit for Increased Racial Discrimination Claims at Work
  • Lawyer Malpractice: Top Reasons Clients Sue for Lawyer Malpractice
  • Sexual Harassment: Jobs with Most Reported Sexual Harassment Cases, 2004-Present
  • Wills and Trusts: Top States for Charitable Contributions in Wills and Trusts
To view our blog, go to Remember to check back often, as we write new entries almost every day. You can also receive our newest blogs instantaneously via email by subscribing to our blog "feed". Just go to our Law Blog, and enter your email address in the left-side box under "Subscribe to Feed." You'll then receive an email of our blog right when it goes live on the web.

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  Help Us Help You - Improve Case Quality By Rating Your Cases

  Rate Case ImageEveryone attorney needs more good cases. However, what a good case is for you may not be right for another attorney. How can LegalMatch be sure we're sending you the cases you need?

That is why LegalMatch has developed a Case Rating system, for you to tell us exactly the types of cases you want, in real time... with no hassles.

Whenever you Rate a case, you let us know what you consider a good case. We then will use your feedback to make smarter choices in getting you more good cases in the future.

Rating cases couldn't be easier. When you view a case on LegalMatch, you'll notice a "Rate" button on the top left. Click that button, and you'll see your rating choices from 1 star (the lowest) to 5 stars (the highest). Pick the quality level you feel best fits the case, and click "submit". If the cases warrant a 1 or 2 star rating, you can also provide us with quick feedback on why the case was poor. Then just continue viewing your cases normally.

We will then take your feedback, and work hard to improve the number of higher value cases we send you (the 4 and 5 stars), and decrease the lower value cases (the 1 and 2 stars).

Luckily, our goal is your goal - to get you the most quality cases so you can build your practice. Help us by Rating your cases today.

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  Foster a Win-Win Linkage to LegalMatch
  Do you want more people to find your attorney website? LegalMatch can help, for free! And it is so easy to do.

Linking to LegalMatch from your lawyer website increases your site's credibility, makes your site more visible to search engines, and contributes to an improved page rank. Here's how it works:

Search bots or "spiders" analyze the content on your page in order to make decisions about your page ranking. Pages that are highly ranked are those that provide relevant and unique information, and linking to pages that discuss similar topics will increase a site's validity. Higher ranked pages display more frequently and earlier in search results on sites like Google, Yahoo, and and make you more visible to potential clients. That means that when you provide a link to a relevant LegalMatch page, you're making an immediate contribution to your site's search engine appeal-making it easier for clients to find you.

What to do: Just log into your LegalMatch account, and click the "Link to LegalMatch" button in the lower left. You'll then see a list of the most popular LegalMatch icons and law library pages. Simply copy and paste the code in the light grey boxes onto your web page (or email it to your webmaster!), and you're all set. By providing a link to the relevant LegalMatch page, you'll kick-start your site's search engine appeal.

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  LegalMatch's Law Forum Hits 10,000 Postings
  The LegalMatch Forums are a place where anyone can go to ask a legal question, or view responses to other people's legal questions. The LegalMatch Forums is part of our LegalCenter, the consumer focused portal that includes our 4000+ article law library, legal tips section, legal blogs, and further legal resources. The LegalMatch Forums is a free website that attracts people from all over the United States, and covers most major areas of law, including: LegalMatch Law Forum Header
  • Bankruptcy
  • Business
  • Criminal
  • Employment
  • Family
  • Immigration
  • Personal Injury
  • Intellectual Property
  • Real Estate
  • Wills Trusts and Estates
Did you know that we have hundred of clients every week posting legal questions and viewing others' feedback on the LegalMatch Forums? Our site has grown so much over the past few years, that we now have over 10,000 posts from over 18,000 users.

We know what you're saying: that's a lot of web traffic, but how does this help me? Simple - more web traffic means more cases for you. Throughout LegalMatch's Forums, we have links for clients who decide they need further legal help to post their case on LegalMatch and find the right attorney. Hopefully someone like you!

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