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In this issue, read about LegalMatch's landmark partnership with the Utah State Bar. Then listen to our brand new radio ad. Want to add a face with the name? We're upgrading our client case posting process so that every offer you make is accompanied with your attorney photo - take a moment to browse our new attorney photo guidelines. And, in our attorney spotlight, find out how LegalMatch helped one solo attorney reap great returns. You'll find this information, and more, in the latest edition of the LegalMatch Attorney Newsletter.
LegalMatch and Utah State Bar Sign Partnership
Utah Bar LegalMatch and the Utah State Bar have signed an agreement to replace the Bar's traditional lawyer referral operation with LegalMatch's online matching service for Utah citizens, a move first of its kind in the legal industry. This agreement signifies the beginning of LegalMatch's goal to modernize the process of matching attorneys and consumers through bar associations nationwide. What does this mean to you? LegalMatch is currently in talks with other state bars to sign similar agreements. Dmitry Shubov, CEO of LegalMatch, believes that the company's partnership with the Utah Bar establishes a precedent in the industry and makes it acceptable for other Bars to follow suit. To read the press release regarding the partnership click here.
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Radio Advertising - LegalMatch is On the Air
Clear Channel Radio On January 5, 2004, LegalMatch will launch a radio campaign with Clear Channel Radio in the nine counties of the Bay Area. LegalMatch chose to work with Clear Channel because, as the largest radio station operator, they have the reach to successfully educate consumers across the country about LegalMatch. Radio advertising will drive even more consumers to our site, which means more great cases for you! Listen to our radio ad by clicking here.
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Picture It! - Attorney photos added to offer messages
A New Year, a New Photo - We're working to personalize the attorney offer process so clients will feel more comfortable with their attorney selection. Soon, your photo will appear directly next to any offer you post on a client's case. At LegalMatch, your success is our success. We want to maximize your odds of being retained on any particular offer, and we've found that a simple, professional photo of a smiling you can make all the difference for a client deciding between two attorneys
We're looking for photos that are well-lit, flash-free, and framed from the waist up. A headshot of you in a dark suit contrasted against a solid, light colored wall is preferred.
Here is a sample attorney photo which is ideal for your LegalMatch profile:
Attorney Photo
We’ve got a number of ways you can submit your new photo…the process is quick and easy! So give your attorney profile a fresh boost by submitting a new photo of yourself. For more information and helpful hints for attorney photos, please take a moment to review our new attorney photo guidelines and show prospective clients you’ve got your game face on! Photos can be sent via email to
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Get Verified - Increase your visibility to potential clients
It only takes a few easy steps to make your LegalMatch membership stand out-get Verified. It only takes a few easy steps to make your LegalMatch membership stand out - get Verified. By completing a few simple requirements, you'll become more visible in the LegalMatch system and further emphasize your commitment to clients. Clients not only see offer messages from Verified attorneys before those from non-Verified attorneys, but also feel more confident in choosing to work with those attorneys who have taken the time to become Verified. So click here to get the Verification process started - it's entirely free.
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Attorney Poll - We want to hear your opinion
LegalMatch has added a poll feature to your attorney homepage. We want to hear what you think about interesting legal topics in the news. The first poll relates to the Scott Peterson case, and is available on the left-hand side of your attorney homepage after you login to LegalMatch. Poll questions will be changed on a monthly basis. The results will be given to various media outlets as a gauge of what LegalMatch member attorneys around the country think about particular topics. We'll also post the results in future attorney newsletters.
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Attorney Spotlight
Richard S.

Richard S., a Los Angeles area attorney specializing in wrongful termination and personal injury, had enough of advertising his practice through directories stuffed with competing attorneys. "I cancelled my subscription with Martindale-Hubbell as soon as I could," he recalls. "The quality of the cases simply did not compare to LegalMatch and it just wasn't a good return on my investment." Instead, Richard focused on renewing his LegalMatch membership for a third year, and fully expects a substantial return on his investment (as he did easily his second year). "LegalMatch provides individual case descriptions, an attorney rating system maintained by clients, and much more information in general than other services," he states.

In private practice since 1989, Richard is exceptional in that his experience includes fifteen years of investigative criminal and trial work as a state and federal prosecutor prosecuting murder and organized crime cases - something few attorneys can boast. Richard has over 50 jury trials under his belt, and once appeared as an expert commentator on 60 Minutes, as he did in November 1989.

He's an accomplished speaker on various types of fraud, insurance coverage issues, and matters related to litigation. Richard's a devoted family man and member of his community, often balancing his work schedule with his commitment to philanthropic affairs for organizations such as the American Cancer Society where he served as President of a local unit.

LegalMatch in the News
See what the media have to say about LegalMatch and the Utah State Bar partnership.
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