The Importance of Online Legal Marketing

Online legal marketing allows lawyers to promote their services using the resources available on the internet. An estimated 9 million people use the internet each month to search for legal services. At the same time, fewer and fewer consumers rely on older advertising methods such as phone book or newspaper ads. Thus, it is becoming clear that online legal marketing is an important aspect of most practices.

When speaking of online legal marketing, most people are referring to online lawyer advertising. Online marketing for lawyers may also include other aspects of practice, such as public relations, peer-to-peer networking, and online reputation management. It is common for lawyers to work through marketing firms that specialize in web-based advertising campaigns.

The Different Forms of Online Legal Marketing

Advertising is the most traditional form of online legal marketing. Pay-per-click ads allow attorneys to strategically place ads in various locations on the internet. They pay the advertising agency according to the number of clicks the ad receives. Pay-per-lead is a similar form of advertising, wherein the lawyer pays advertisers according to the number of leads that the ad generates.

Besides online advertising, lawyers can engage in a number of practices that are aimed at increasing their firm’s visibility and presence on the internet. These can include link sharing, writing legal blogs, and creating social network accounts in order to promote services. More comprehensive forms of online legal marketing include online legal directories and online legal matching.

Online legal directories provide consumers with a list of attorneys and their contact information. Legal directory websites typically include descriptions of the lawyer’s practice areas and licensing information. Many online legal directories also incorporate some form of rating system for the attorneys listed.

Clients can connect directly with lawyers through online legal matching, also called attorney-client matching (ACM). Many attorney client matching websites such as allow clients to communicate with attorneys before hiring them. Thus, legal matching helps save time and resources for both the client and the attorney, since they are free to accept or decline each other as needed.

The attorney-client matching services provided by LegalMatch are an integral part of many lawyers’ online legal marketing campaigns. LegalMatch goes beyond conventional advertising methods by creating attorney profiles and ratings to assist the client in making their choice.