Major Legal Marketing Service Providers

Legal marketing generally covers advertising, public relations, trademarks, and other efforts aimed at increasing the visibility of a law practice. Legal marketing services are provided by many different companies, most of which specialize in online web marketing for attorneys.

Some major names in the area of legal marketing services include:

As you might be able to tell, many legal marketing services are branches of larger marketing or advertising companies. Other legal marketing service companies operate independently and only specialize in marketing for legal professionals. The choice of which marketing company to work with can have profound effects on a firm’s performance and profitability.

Services Offered by Legal Marketing Companies

Each legal marketing organization may offer different services for attorneys who are interested in marketing their practice. While these may vary, some common services offered by legal marketing companies include:

One aspect of legal marketing that isn’t commonly addressed is the concept of attorney-client matching. This is where clients are directly matched with lawyers based on the individual needs of both the client and the lawyer. Attorney-client matching is often more efficient than traditional advertising, but most legal marketing companies focus on other aspects like generating leads or creating websites.

LegalMatch does include attorney-client matching as a central part of its legal marketing services. In fact, lawyers who use LegalMatch often utilize the attorney client matching services as their main source of leads, and many have done away with other forms of advertising altogether.