What Makes a Successful Lawyer?

In the past, success in the legal field often involved sacrificing long hours to develop a client base. The traditional lawyer practiced in many different fields, and often had to advertise to several segments of the population just to build their practice. In more recent times, the successful lawyer is not necessarily one who exhausts the most time and resources on advertising; instead, success now depends on maximizing efficiency in engaging clients.

The modern lawyer earns success by complementing the conventional aspects of their practice with sound, innovative business practices that are current and up to date. As the legal field becomes more specialized, the hit-and-miss approach of conventional advertising needs to be supplemented with more innovative methods.

Benefits of Working with an Attorney Client Matching Service

More and more attorneys are discovering the benefits of working with an attorney-client matching service such as LegalMatch. In particular, the most cited benefits of lawyer-client matching online include:

Ability to Focus Practice

LegalMatch allows lawyers to tailor their accounts to specific areas of the law like bankruptcy or divorce. Satisfied solo practitioners like Gregory A. of Maryland use LegalMatch to direct their marketing towards clients who match their firm’s profile. LegalMatch's matching system operates nation-wide in every major legal field- this creates exciting opportunities for an attorney to build his or her practice.

Increased Revenue

Attorney-client matching provides lawyers with leads that they might not otherwise obtain (such as out of state clients). To illustrate, Attorney Drew L. from Louisiana states,

“LegalMatch has provided me with cases that I would not normally receiveā€¦ Without LegalMatch these types of clients would never have found me.”

Many lawyers who use the LegalMatch system draw a significant portion of their revenue through the system.


LegalMatch's streamlined matching system allows lawyers like Thomas G. to save time by reviewing only those clients and cases that are specifically of interest to them. In addition, attorneys will receive up-to-the-minute mobile notifications whenever a case is posted, and they can respond to potential clients immediately as needed.

LegalMatch has helped countless lawyers create successful practices through attorney-client matching. Part of that success involves the ability to take advantage of the fast pace of internet-based consumerism. In the long run, the lawyer is able to save time, access more clients, and focus their attention on the quality of the services they provide.