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The first county in Kansas, Johnson County is Kansas’s largest county as well as the fastest growing. It has been dubbed the Orange County of the Midwest due to the large influx of wealthy residents, including several prominent Wichita lawyers, and sprawling housing developments popping up across the county.

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Johnson County lawyers can help you with any legal issue you may be facing, including criminal defense, personal injury litigation, bankruptcy, family law, and many others.
Attorneys in Johnson County are currently suing the local Republican Committee for refusing to count the votes of allegedly disloyal members. Two members claim their votes were not counted due to donations they previously made to democratic friends running for office.
This suit and most others in Johnson County generally begin in the Johnson County District Courts, part of the 10th Judicial District of Kansas. Your Johnson County attorney should be familiar with the procedures of this court, as well as local court staff, judges and other Johnson County lawyers.
Johnson County lawyers should also be familiar with local Johnson County laws. For instance, until 1986 Johnson County was a “dry” county, meaning the sale of alcohol was prohibited within county borders. Today, the sale of alcohol is legal, but with a 30% sales tax.
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