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Motorcycle Injuries Lawyers

A motorcycle is defined as a motor vehicle with a saddle or seat for the driver and no more than three wheels. In some jurisdictions, the term motorcycle includes mopeds. Off-road vehicles, such as motorized bikes and quad bikes, are not included under the definition of a motorcycle. Injuries in a motorcycle accident can vary from minor to severe, depending on the type of collision. Common causes of motorcycle accidents include lane splitting, head-on collisions, left turn accidents, racing motorcycles, and road hazards.

Can a Motorcycle Accident Cause a Head Injury?

Yes. A head injury is one of the most common motorcycle injuries. A driver not wearing a helmet can suffer a serious head injury, such as a:

Like head injuries, neck injuries are also very common. An injury to the neck can cause paralysis or death.

What Is Road Rash?

Road rash is a type of injury sustained when a driver slides across pavement after a motorcycle accident. For instance, the driver can fly over the motorcycle handlebars after impact and skid across concrete. Any exposed skin becomes damaged. The injury can range from a minor scrape to an infection, skin irritation, or even nerve damage.

Can I Suffer Muscle Damage from a Motorcycle Accident?

Yes. Muscle damage can occur on any area of the body. The nerve damage that often accompanies muscle damage may even lead to paralysis. Muscle damage includes an injury known as “biker’s arm.” This particular injury occurs after the initial impact of an accident. When a driver lands on their arm, they may draw in their arm to lessen the impact. Permanent nerve damage may develop in their arm and/or entire body as a result of this motion.

Can I Suffer a Leg Injury in a Motorcycle Accident?

Yes. A leg injury includes any injury to the knee and foot. Although these injuries do not typically result in a fatality, they could be a permanently disabling injury. Significant leg injuries include broken or shattered bones or knees. Minor injuries include scrapes, road rash, bruises, or large cuts.

Should I Consult an Attorney about My Motorcycle Injuries?

Yes. An accident that results in motorcycle injuries may not be your fault. A personal injury lawyer can help you in getting medical bills recouped and other damages.

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