Retain More Clients With the LegalMatch Calendar Feature

The in-app calendar feature of LegalMatch helps lawyers schedule their initial consultations with potential clients. It also notifies and reminds both the lawyer and the clients for the said appointment. LegalMatch is a client-oriented application for law firm owners and solo practitioners to keep track of the initial contact with the potential client.

Utilize the Calendar feature to put your available schedule so potential clients can book a 15–minute consultation. Lawyers save more time by letting the client choose from their available schedule and cutting the guesswork of going back and forth to ask the ideal schedule to set the meeting. Lawyers benefit from this functionality as it allows them to have more time to look into the case they will possibly be working on.

The Calendar feature helps lawyers handle leads generated by the LegalMatch App efficiently. Our data shows that lawyers who use the calendar feature have doubled the retention rate than those who did not. Notice that the success rate in retaining a client is twice as much for LegalMatch Member Lawyers who use the calendar feature than those who did not. Confirming the schedule set by the client or setting your own schedule works effectively in closing a deal with the client.

Lawyers that use the Calendaring feature has more than twice more Retained rate than those Lawyers who do not use the feature.

In a quarterly basis from 2018 until Q2 of 2021, Retained Rate of Lawyers that utilize the Calendaring feature has consistently higher Retained Rate than those Lawyers who do not use the feature. This is considering that Calendaring usage started to dominate on Q1 of 2020.

LegalMatch makes managing your practice easy. Our Members Lawyers can facilitate profitable and reliable work using our cutting-edge Internet strategies and techniques. Lawyers share their unique experience as they utilize the Calendar feature of LegalMatch:

As you develop your system you will reach clients consistently and present yourself through a phone call, text or email. The App for LegalMatch makes intake easier to manage intake process and integrates it with client management software. At every stage of the intake process, you will have responsive prospective clients who are ready to be represented by you or will have the confidence to make the best decision for themselves regarding their case. Angelita R., San Diego, CA, Immigration Lawyer

There is a calendaring program where I can suggest any number of times that I’m available to have a free consultation with the clients. They can choose one of those times that I pick or choose one of their own. That way, we’re able to establish a time that’s mutually convenient to talk. Daniel M., Addison, TX, Business – Litigation

You can view cases in any practice area and location by registering for a free lawyer membership guest pass. To get access to a guest pass, you can either schedule a demo or fill out a lead form. Our key account managers will contact you shortly. Our guest passes allow you to fully preview how our system works and view all existing new cases in your legal practice area and location on our live system. For any additional information, please visit our How It Works for Lawyers page.