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Is there a Duty to Mitigate Damages when an Employer Breaches an Employment Contract?

Yes. If you have been wrongfully terminated from your current job, and were under contract or were unjustly fired, it is possible to collect the expectation measure of damages, which would be the money owed to you under the employment contract either for the remaining or a reasonable amount of time. However, you must look for other comparable employment, and subtract whatever you make from that job from what you request in damages.

What Is the Measure of Damages?

The measure of recovery by a wrongfully discharged employee is the amount of salary agreed upon for the period of service, less the amount which the employer affirmatively proves the employee has earned or with reasonable effort might have earned from other employment.

What Factors Do Courts Look At When Assessing the Duty to Mitigate?

The following are the most general factors a court looks at when assessing the duty to mitigate damages:

Should I Contact a Business Attorney Regarding my Involvement in a Breach of an Employment Contract?

If you have been fired or have fired an employee, and you are uncertain as to the duty to mitigate the damages under the circumstances, the advice of a business attorney can be extremely helpful. Because of the complicated nature of this field of law, it is beneficial to discuss these various legal matters with an attorney with experience in this particular field.

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