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Arkansas family lawyers, Arkansas real estate lawyers, Arkansas divorce lawyers, Arkansas criminal attorneysArkansas currently has 5,700 attorneys. Arkansas lawyers practice in the Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, Circuit Court, District Court, and various City Courts throughout the state. In order to practice law in Arkansas, law school graduates must pass a vigorous bar examination, background check, and professional responsibility exam.

Many Arkansas counties have two county seats, meaning some Arkansas counties have two local courts rather than one. Arkansas also has a unique law that technically disqualifies any atheist from holding office or testifying in court. If applied this rule would be held unconstitutional, but it nonetheless remains on the books.

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Arkansas is among a handful of states that allows covenant marriage. In this type of marriage couples waive their right to a no-fault divorce and agree to pre-marital counseling. By waiving their right to a no-fault divorce, couples essentially limit their options should they want to dissolve their marriage.

Arkansas was also the gubernatorial seat of former president Bill Clinton, and it was in Arkansas that the famous case of Clinton v. Jones began. This landmark Supreme Court case held that a president was not immune to civil suits which began before the President was sworn into office. The lawsuit and its related testimony led to Clinton’s impeachment and his eventual resignation from the Arkansas state bar association.

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