Best Practices for LegalMatch Member Attorney Success


LegalMatch makes it easier for Member Attorneys to find new clients and access a continuous stream of cases and potential leads. While we do the heavy lifting on the marketing side of things, we expect our Member Attorneys to make the most out of the tools and support we provide in order for us to succeed and grow together. 

Our top Member Attorneys use all the tools within their service to increase revenue and clientele base. The following best practices are modeled off our most successful accounts across the US: 

Response Time: “The First 10 Minutes”

Respond to posted cases with your template response, and follow-up with an immediate courtesy call within 10 minutes! Since Legal Match’s creation in 1999, our system has measured and determined that Member Attorneys who respond to cases within 10 minutes of the case posting have a significantly higher chance of reaching the client. Those who do so are also the most successful attorneys with LegalMatch. 

Potential clients answer the call 90% of the time when you call within one minute of the case being posted, and 60% of the time within 10 minutes. The longer you wait to respond and call, the lower the chances of a successful phone call.   

Keep in mind that potential clients will not likely call you but are waiting for you to call. And even though a potential client may have a pool of attorneys to choose from, being able to reach the client first can definitely influence their decision on who to hire. 

Respond to ALL Cases: “Respond First, Ask Questions Later”

You don’t need to analyze the case before until you’ve spoken with the client; you can qualify and screen clients once you get them on the phone and acquire the necessary information from them. This isn’t just about casting a wide net, either — our top-performing Member Attorneys respond to all the cases. Doing so not only increases the chances of getting more clients but also helps ensure a consistently quick response time to posted cases. 

Take note that some potential clients may withhold or edit some of their information when they post their case online (including their actual income). This is why it’s best to call and interview the clients instead of screening them based on their posted case. 

Offer Free Consultations: “A Complimentary Chat Can Be Priceless”

Offering a free consultation when responding to posted cases allows both the attorney and the client to meet and discuss the case. For the clients, this will help them determine if the attorney is a good fit; for attorneys, this helps to determine if the clients qualify. 

It’s important to note that LegalMatch clients typically don’t wish to or expect to pay to speak to an attorney about their issue. They are more likely to talk to attorneys that offer free consultations when responding to their posted case. 

Respond, Consult, Retain: “Three Steps to Seal the Deal”

Another thing that our successful Member Attorneys have in common is a straightforward process in getting clients to avoid wasting time. We’ve summarized these steps into “Respond, Consult, Retain”.  

First is to immediately respond to posted cases and contact the client. Secondly, the attorney consults with the client and asks more questions about the case to determine if the potential client qualifies. In this step, the attorney does not yet give any legal advice or direction to the client. And lastly, the attorney offers the retainer agreement and closes the deal with the client. 

Call Back: “The 3×3 Follow-Up”

You have to consider the possibility that some clients may wish to take some time to think about it before they make the decision to accept your offer. While it’s important that you don’t rush or pressure them into hiring you, it’s also just as vital that you follow-up and remind them. 

Follow up with all non-responsive potential clients through call, text, and email (3 modes of communication) each day for 3 days. By the third day, leave them a message that you’re available to help them and that if you don’t hear from them in 48 hours, you’ll be closing their case. After this, you can archive your case due to no response. 

This also applies to clients whose cases you’ve responded to but haven’t called/met with yet to discuss the case further. 

Profile Content: “All Quality, No Clutter”

If there’s one prominent feature that our most successful Member Attorneys share, it’s their high-quality profiles. Attorney profiles should be short, sweet, and succinct.  

It’s vital that you only state pertinent facts about who you are professionally and highlight your credentials and experience. Your profile should be direct and to the point. It should let potential clients know not only what you can offer, but what makes you stand out from all the other attorneys out there. 

Lastly, make sure that your profile picture is professionally taken. You only have one shot to make a first impression on your clients! 

Be Competitive and Flexible with Your Fees: “Everything’s Negotiable”

Member Attorneys have shown higher rates of being retained when they let their clients know that they’re flexible with their fees. Offering installments and other flexible billing schedules can entice a potential client to retain you even if they’re on a budget. 

Understand the demographics of your area and if needed, adopt a flexible billing schedule. Offering billing schedules and payment plans based on the income, population, and income levels in your county can be a major factor in helping your potential clients pick you. After all, what good are legal rights if individuals can’t afford them? Understand the economic situation of the client. You will attract more clients if you are willing to work with them on fees. 

Never assume that just because the client posted that their income says “0” or is very low, that they can’t pay for it — we can’t tell how they are paying for services just based on the information they provided in their post. Offer payment plans and flexible retainers. 

 To view income, population and income levels in your county, please visit 

Customize Your Response Templates

While LegalMatch does provide tried-and-tested tools and templates for Member Attorneys to use, it’s important that you customize your response with a few one-liners and open-ended questions. 

Keep a Positive and Helpful Attitude

The way you communicate with your clients can make a huge difference; if they feel that you’re sincere in wanting to help them out with their legal concern, they’re more likely to be more open with you during the consultation and give you a better chance to get hired.  

Listen and be patient. Whenever possible, it’s best to encourage multiple phone calls and meetings. Since you wouldn’t want to rush or pressure potential clients into retaining your services, let them get to know you and what you can offer. Moreover, giving individuals the time to vent or emote during consultations eventually pays off as they come to the conclusion that you actually listen to them and care about their circumstances. 

LegalMatch aims to grow and succeed alongside its Member Attorneys — we can only succeed if you do, too! The reviews and success stories from our Member Attorneys are proof of LegalMatch’s commitment to support your law firm’s success and growth.