Legal and Lawyer Branding

Legal Branding Basics

Legal branding or lawyer branding has become an integral part of the legal profession. Branding is where a lawyer or a firm creates a brand name based on their own name or the name of their law firm. Some of the main purposes of lawyer branding are to increase the lawyer’s ability to obtain clients, and to increase networking opportunities.

There is no set definition for what constitutes lawyer branding, but it may involve

Advantages and Disadvantages of Legal Branding

There are several advantages that are commonly associated with lawyer branding, including:

One main disadvantage with lawyer branding is that some consumers feel that branding is inappropriate for the dignity of the legal profession. However, on the whole, most consumers find branding to be the norm, and some may even come to expect it.

Lawyer Branding and Online Reputation

Lawyer branding is often seen as a specific type of personal branding, which refers to the way a person markets their self or their career through the brand. Currently, personal branding has expanded to include a person’s presence online through social networking sites like LinkedIn and Facebook. The person’s online reputation may be gauged through other sites that provide attorney and firm ratings.

Another way to increase one’s online reputation is through attorney client matching services as offered by LegalMatch. The LegalMatch system allows clients to review lawyer ratings and profiles, which may help contribute positively to the lawyer’s online reputation.