DUI Child Endangerment Laws

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What Are DUI Child Endangerment Laws?

Nearly every state has some form of child endangerment statute. About half of the states also have DUI child endangerment laws to punish DUI & DWI offenders who transport a minor at the time of the offense. These laws either enhance the existing DUI & DWI penalties, or make it a separate offense to transport a minor while driving under the influence.

What Is the Penalty for Drunk Driving with a Minor as Passenger?

The penalties imposed on a DUI offender who is transporting a minor at the time of the offense varies from state to state. A few examples include:

It is worth noting that these penalties apply to non-injury DUI offenses only. If anyone is injured, offenses will be more serious.

What Can You Do If You Are Arrested for Drunk Driving with a Minor?

If you are arrested for drunk driving with a minor in the car, you should speak to a criminal defense lawyer immediately. An attorney can inform you as to your rights, your defenses, and what to expect while going through this process. Additionally, a lawyer can help you contest your license suspension.

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