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What does Open/Pending/Engaged/Declined mean?

How do I search for a case?

At the top of the page you’ll see a Search Cases box. Searches may be made by first or last name, city, state, keyword (e.g. divorce), and by any words contained in the case description. Search results are ordered by the date posted.

How do I find a client's contact information?

You must first reply to an Open or Pending Case. If the client has opted to release their contact info it will be available for you to view immediately after you reply (95% of clients choose this option). The client’s contact info can be found below the Response Sent header in the colored area. The case will then move into the Pending section. There you’ll be able to see it above the case action buttons under the case description header. There you’ll be able to see the client’s contact information under the case title on the top left of the screen.

How do I sort cases?

There are a number of ways that you can sort your cases. You can use the search feature described above. You can also use the category filter, located in the main navigation bar next to the Declined tab. The category filter allows you to view the cases by a particular category, such as Child Support or Foreclosures.

Any list of cases can also be re-ordered by clicking the column headers. In Pending cases, you may use Case Title, Location, Posted Date, Offered Date or Rating to sort your view.

How can I tell if a client viewed my reply?

When viewing of a case you’ve replied to, you’ll see Client has viewed your: Response, Profile, Contact Info. A date and checkmark will show when the client has viewed each part of your reply.

How do I log into the mobile interface?

Log in as you would normally at Our site will adjust to fit your device’s screen.

How do I ask for clients to review/rate me?

After marking a case as Complete, view the case and click Request Review. This will dispatch an email to the client requesting a detailed review of your services.

How do I use the estimated value?

Estimated values can be entered on the case page after a reply has been made.

Entering an estimated value for the case (based on what you think you’ll receive for your services) is one way to further assist you in getting the full value for your LegalMatch membership. You may change this amount at any time, should your initial estimate be too low or high.

Why would I FLAG a case?

Flagging a case alerts staff at LegalMatch that you believe the case: