Kenneth W. Attorney Review

  • Kenneth W.
  • New York City, NY
  • Business - Litigation

Though my Manhattan practice was already a great success and continues to flourish, I became a LegalMatch member with the idea that it might enhance the geographic scope of my clientele. Since signing up for LegalMatch I have retained many clients, several from areas where clients would most likely not even hear of my firm. I was especially happy to assist a client from Mexico who needed to determine liability after losing valuable possessions in a hotel evacuated during the September 11th attacks. Another client was based in Washington D.C., and I am positive that neither of these individuals would have found me without LegalMatch.

Unlike simply being listed in Martindale Hubbell, joining LegalMatch means being part of a smaller, more select pool of attorneys. I feel very good about my ability to find clients through LegalMatch and plan to renew my membership this year.

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