SSA Request for Reconsideration

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What is a Request for Reconsideration?

This is a request filed with the Social Security Administration (SSA) by completing the SSA-561-U2 which asks the SSA to reconsider the amount you have been paid.


Why Would I File this Request?

You should file a Request for Reconsideration if you feel you have been overpaid or underpaid. If you feel you have been overpaid but you should not have to pay back the overpayment you should complete a form SSA-632-BK, Request for Waiver of Recovery of an Overpayment.

Is there Anything Additional I Should Do aside from Filling Out the Forms?

In addition to filling out the forms, you should present any evidence that supports your request. In the case of a denied claim for a disability benefit you must complete and sign additional forms.

There is a Space Designated for Providing my Reasons for Disagreement. Should I Include These?

Definitely. Be very specific detailing the determination you disagree with and why you disagree with it. If you run out of space, it is perfectly acceptable to write on the back of the form. If you have a disagreement regarding an SSI case, you should also request different ways to handle the appeal if you indeed have such suggestions.

Do I Need a Lawyer to Help Me with My Social Security Matter?

The laws that regulate social security are very complex and confusing. It isn't always clear which benefits you are entitled to. An attorney can help you understand which social security benefits you should be receiving. A lawyer can also help you if you need to appeal a denial of social security benefits.

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