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What Are Retirement Benefits?

Retirement benefits describe financial security set up to support an individual who has left the workforce. Social Security benefits are an integral part of many retirement plans. Thus, when someone retires, monthly Social Security payments may be one of their sources of income.

How Do I Qualify for Retirement Benefits?

As an individual works and pays Social Security taxes, they will earn credits per year. Generally, one needs to work at least ten years to earn enough credits to qualify for retirement benefits.

How Much Money Can I Expect When I Retire?

How much money you can expect when you retire is based primarily on two factors:

Will My Retirement Date Determine How Much I Am Entitled To?

Yes. The SSA has classified retirement benefits into three general categories:

Can I Find out How Much I Am Expected to Receive When I Retire?

Annually, the SSA will send every worker, 25 or older, an earnings statement. The statement will calculate your expected retirement benefits.

Can I Get Retirement Benefits on My Divorced Spouse's Record?

If a person is at least 62 years old, unmarried, was married to another person for at least 10 years, and have been divorced for at least two years, then that person may draw benefits based on their divorced spouse's account. This will not affect the divorced spouse's benefits. To do this, the divorced spouse must qualify for retirement benefits and be at least 62, but they do not need to be retired.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

An attorney experienced with Social Security benefits and regulations can help you plan the best time to retire. If you are having a problem obtaining your benefits, a government lawyer can help prepare and file an appeal.

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