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What Are Class Actions?

Class actions are a type of suit that allows a group of claimants to join together in a common cause of action against a product maker for making a defective product. This enables efficiency in the judicial system because thousands of injured individuals might flood the court system if they each filed a suit independently of one another. In addition, class actions help to level the playing field between corporations and plaintiffs because large corporations have a substantial amount of money and lawyers. 

What Are The Requirements of a Class Action?

There are several requirements that a cause of action must meet in order to be allowed to proceed as a class action. These include:

Should I Proceed with a Class Action?

Consumers of a product might receive notice by mail or in person of a pending class action lawsuit. The notice might ask a consumer whether they want to join in a class action lawsuit. Consumers should consider several factors such as:

There might be occasions where you have no choice but to participate in the class action because the "opt-out" deadline has passed. 

Should I Consult an Attorney?

An experienced product liability attorney who specializes in class actions would be extremely helpful. An attorney could advise you on whether a proposed class action adequately represents your needs. In addition, you may want to proceed with your own lawsuit because your injuries are substantially different from the class action. 

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