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What Are Defective Products? 

Manufacturers have a duty to make sure the products they sell to the public are safe. If a product has a design flaw or manufacturing flaw, it is a defective product. When that defect makes the product unsafe, manufacturers may be held liable for any resulting injuries.

When a defective product is sold to the general public, many people are bound to suffer the consequences of the defect. When this happens, all those who have been injured by the defective product may bring a class action lawsuit against the manufacturer.

Defective Products

Here is a list of some defective products whose use can result in personal injury: 

Auto Defects / Recalls 

If you have been injured because of an automotive defect you should contact a lawyer as soon as possible. An attorney can help you recover monetary damages for the injuries you suffered, and guide you through the complicated legal process. 

Baxter Dialyzers 

If you are presently using or have used a Baxter Dialyzer you should see your doctor immediately. If you have suffered injuries as a result, you should contact an attorney who can help you recover damages for your injury.

Breast Implants 

If you have breast implants, you should check with your doctor to see if they have ruptured or leaked, or you are experiencing any adverse side effects. If you believe you have been injured by your breast implants, you should speak with a lawyer immediately. An experienced lawyer can help you protect your legal rights and get you proper compensation for your injuries. 

Consumer Products 

Food Contamination 

If you have been injured because you have eaten unsafe food or suffered because the food was not properly labeled, you may be entitled to damages. You should speak with an attorney who can explain your legal options, evaluate your case, and if warranted, help you get damages for your injuries.

Ford Explorer 

If you have been injured in a Ford Explorer rollover accident or a tire-related accident, you should hire a lawyer who can help you recover damages for your medical bills and your car's damages.

Heart Valve Replacement 

If you had heart valve replacement surgery, you should check with your doctor to make sure Silzone was not used. If Silzone was used, you may need another surgery to replace the defective valve. You should also speak with a lawyer if you believe you might have suffered damage as a result of a heart valve replacement surgery. An experienced attorney can properly evaluate your case and help you recover damages for your injuries.

Sulzer Hip Implant 

If you had hip replacement surgery, you should check with your doctor to make sure you did not receive a defective Sulzer Hip Implant. If you did, you may need medical attention right away. You should also hire a lawyer who will help you get properly compensated for your injuries and unnecessary pain and suffering.

Tobacco / Smoking Cigarettes 

If you have contracted a disease as a result of tobacco use you may be able to sue the tobacco companies for damages. There are many class action suits against tobacco companies that you may be able to join. You should speak with a lawyer who can explain all of your legal options. An experienced lawyer can help to protect your legal rights and get proper compensation for your injuries.

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