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Where Do I File my Petition for a Name Change?

Depending on the state you reside in, the petition for a name change may be filed in a circuit, district, superior, or supreme court. 

Are the Requirements for Adult Name Changes the Same for Children?

The requirements are very similar.  However, the requirements apply to the parent or guardian who is requesting the name change as well as the child himself.  For example, both the parent or guardian and the child must reside in the state where the name will be changed.

Is Notice Required for Child Name Changes?

The law requires that if a child resides with a guardian, the non-custodial parent must receive notice of the name change.  This notice is required even if the birth certificate does not contain the name of the non-custodial parent.

Are There any Situations Where Notice is Not Required?

There are a couple of situations where notice is not required.  These include situations involving domestic abuse or the termination of parental rights.

Do I Need an Attorney for my Child’s Name Change?

Consulting with a family lawyer regarding any significant legal matter such as a name change is always a wise thing to do.  An experienced family attorney can explain the impact a name change will have on your child.  A family lawyer can also help you through the legal process of changing your child’s name.

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