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Some choose to change their name simply because they do not like their original name, while others do so for marriage or divorce purposes. Also, a significant number of individuals may resort to legal name changes in order to avoid harassment or harm from others.

Procedure for Changing your Name

Obtaining a name change is a relatively straightforward process. In most states the proper paperwork must filing be filed in Court. Additionally, you also must contact all relevant government or business agencies (i.e. DMV, IRS) and inform them of your changed name. The specific procedure for obtaining a name change may vary depending on the reason for the change.

Common Situations When a Name is Changed

Here are a few typical reasons for seeking a name change and the required procedures: 

Restrictions for Changing Your Name

There are several situations where you are not allowed to change your name. A name change cannot be done:

Do I Need an Attorney for my Name Change?

Consulting with an attorney regarding any significant legal matter such as a name change is always a wise thing to do. Because of the complexity of some name change documents, it may be prudent to confer with an attorney to explain the full effects of the name change. A lawyer can also help you through the legal process of changing a name.

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