All About the Legal Right to Bear Arms
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All About the Legal Right to Bear Arms

The United States Second Amendment protects the rights of citizens to possess guns for their protection. This amendment was passed in 1791, as an addendum to the United States Constitution. Historians show that this was influenced by England's Bill of Rights, and was signed into effect to protect the rights of the people. A number of cases have set a precedent for this amendment, in order to strengthen it and further explain it.

The advent of the Bill of Rights came due to the ineffectiveness of the Articles of Confederation. Citizens needed help in case invaders entered these territories, so the Second Amendment instituted these gun rights, to allow citizens to bear arms, form a militia and otherwise protect themselves whenever the need arises. While the amendment discusses the formation of militias, today's citizens largely recognize this amendment as the "right to bear arms." Gun enthusiasts and hobbyists celebrate and protect this right, as do organizations such as the National Rifle Association.

Most gun enthusiasts celebrate this amendment, while also touting the importance of firearm safety and responsible firearms ownership. They take pride in this amendment, and the rights that they have as gun owners in the United States. While various states have their own sets of laws, which dictate registration, concealed carry and other procedures, the Federal law sets the foundation for the rights of people who choose to own firearms. People have the right to own and use firearms for protection, collectorship, hunting and self-defense. Anyone interested in this amendment or gun ownership should always do their research, so that they are fully aware of the terms of the Second Amendment and how it came to pass.

The following resources explain the Second Amendment in great detail, and offer information pertinent to gun ownership, gun safety and hunting.

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  • NRA-ILA - Second Amendment – The NRA sponsored site features a wealth of information on Second Amendment rights and advocacy.
  • Students for the Second Amendment – This organization advocates gun rights. They provide a number of links helpful for anyone looking to learn more or get involved.
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