LegalMatch Lawyer of the Year Program

The Lawyer of the Year Awards Program was introduced in 2005 as a way to recognize and honor the achievements of LegalMatch Member Attorneys.

Each year, a small handful of exemplary attorneys have been selected to receive the Lawyer of the Year award in their field of practice. During the second annual Lawyer of the Year Awards in 2007, LegalMatch also introduced an overall achievement award, to be given to one especially outstanding attorney each year. Both our field specific and overall achievement awards were designed in allegiance with LegalMatch's desire to recognize and affirm the hard work, diligence, and success of its member attorneys.

All Lawyer of the Year honorees receive a plaque inscribed with their name, the year of their recognition, and the field in which they achieved their award.

Mazyar Hedayat

2007 Winners

  • Allen Fiorletta Personal Injury Law
  • Brigida Rodriguez Family Law
  • Mazyar 'Mazy' Hedayat Bankruptcy Law**
  • Shazam Kianpour Criminal Law

Richard Kolomejec

2006 Winners

  • Carrington Mead Family Law
  • Richard Kolomejec Immigration Law**
  • David Locks Wills, Trusts, and Estate Law
  • Crystal James Employment Law
  • Julian Chan Business Law

Alicia Henning

2005 Winners

  • Denise Nailey Criminal Law
  • Mazyar Hedayat Bankruptcy Law
  • Alicia Henning Family Law**
  • Richard Kolomejec Immigration Law

** Lawyer of the Year "Overall Achievement" Award Winner

FAQs about the Lawyer of the Year Program