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Can a State College or University Be Held Liable for Injuries on Campus?

Not all states allow their public colleges and universities to be sued for injuries that occur on campus.  Each state's legislature must decide whether an individual is allowed to sue a state school, and most have decided not to allow these lawsuits.  However, the some public colleges and universities can be held liable if there is a constitutional or statutory provision that specifically imposes such liability.

When Can a State College or University Be Held Liable for a Personal Injury Claim?

If the state college or university allows personal injury lawsuits, it still cannot be held liable unless it is proven that there was negligence or fault on the part of the school that caused the injuries to the person suing.  The liability of a public college or university for negligence in causing injury to students and others may arise is these kinds of situations:

Do I Need An Attorney if I Have Been Injured at a State College or University?

An experienced personal injury attorney will be able to tell you whether your state allows lawsuits against public colleges and universities.  A lawyer will also be able to evaluate the extent of your injury suffered at the state college or university, and help you file a lawsuit. 

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