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Quiet Title Lawyers

In real estate terms, title is the right of ownership and possession of a particular property, so to quiet title means to take legal action to settle a title dispute. A title dispute can arise when there are conflicting claims of ownership over a piece of property. Therefore, in a quiet title action, a court proceeding removes a "cloud" or possible encumbrance on the title to real property to firmly establish in law ownership of the property. Thus, this action would "quiet" any challenges or claims to the title.

When Does a "Cloud on Title" Occur?

A quiet title action usually occurs when there is a cloud on title, most likely from:


How Do You Go About Taking Action to Quiet Title?

To initiate an action to quiet title, the property owner must do all of the following in their local Court:

If the court finds that the party seeking to quiet title actually owns the title, the court will grant a quiet title judgment, which provides that the party has legal and good title. A quiet title judgment may and should then be recorded in the county recorder's office.

Should I Consult an Attorney if I Find that I Have a Cloud on My Title?

Because conflicts in property ownership may lead to possible litigation, it is wise to consult a property attorney. An experienced attorney can examine your title, title search results and title insurance policy, to ensure that you are protected against possible clouds on title.  

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