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What is a Property Dispute?

A property dispute refers to any type of legal dispute involving a home, condo, apartment, or other type of real property (as opposed to small, personal property). Property disputes may involve a number of different issues and several different parties, including:

Thus, property disputes cover a large portion of the types of legal claims filed each year. In many cases, legal remedies may include a damages award to cover the plaintiff’s losses, or an injunction ordering one party to remedy a property defect. 

What are Some Examples of a Property Dispute?

Some typical examples of property disputes include:

In some property dispute claims, more than one legal issue can be involved. This can make the claim somewhat complex, and may extend the overall processing time. 

What are Some Effects of Property Disputes?

Besides the damages awards or injunctions that may be issued as remedies, on effect of a property dispute is that it can put a “cloud” or hindrance on the title to the property. That is, property is not marketable if there is an ongoing, unresolved dispute over the property. 

Thus, a specific type of legal proceeding is needed in order to resolve the property dispute before the property can be sold. This is known as a “quiet title” proceeding, and generally needs to be completed so the title will be clear and marketable.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Help With a Property Dispute?

Property disputes may involve some very specific legal issues and matters. You may wish to hire a lawyer if you need help resolving any property disputes. Regardless of who the parties are, or what types of legal issues are involved, the help of lawyer is indispensable for these types of cases. Your attorney can provide you with legal advice, guidance, and representation throughout the duration of the process.

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