Common Problems With Homeowners Associations

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Common Problems With Homeowners Associations

A homeowners association (or HOA) is an organization that is created to protect and preserve the value of private and commonly used property in a particular residential area. To further this purpose, a homeowners association can create and enforce restrictions concerning pets, numbers of cars allowed in driveways, and front yard gardens. Such restrictions can and often do conflict with the desires of the individual home owner.

Typical problems an owner faces are:


What Can an Owner Do About Problems With Homeowners Associations?

If you think you have a claim against your HOA, you should first check your HOA documents for information on meetings and existing remedies, then express your concerns to the board. Be sure to keep documentation of your communications.


If this attempt fails to persuade the board, you should contact a lawyer in your area who is familiar with HOA problems, to help you understand the state law that governs the establishment of the HOA.

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