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Lemon Laws for Used Cars
All states have enacted lemon laws, but many states don't have lemon laws for used cars.  Because lemon laws can be very confusing and complex, it is not always clear whether or not a state's lemon laws applies to used cars.  Fourteen states' lemon laws explicitly cover only new cars.  These states are:

Express Written Warranties
A used car will be protected by lemon laws if you get an express written warranty when you buy the used car.  An express written warranty can be any of the following:

If you get any of these when you buy a used car, you car will essentially have the same protection as provided by new car lemon laws.  Some states also have consumer protection laws that make it illegal to use deceptive practices when selling cars.  If you bought a car based on a false representation, you may have a claim against the dealer.  On top of this, some states require dealers to disclose certain facts about used cars, such as if it has been salvaged. 

Other Things Covered by Lemon Laws
In addition to new (and in some states used) cars, lemon laws can cover other vehicles as well.  For example, some states cover leased cars.  Eight states cover leased cars.  These are states are:

Some state lemon laws even cover motorcycles.  The following states include motorcycles in their lemon laws:

I Think I've Got a Lemon, Do I Need a Lawyer?
As you can see above lemon laws can become very complex and can cover a wide variety of vehicles.  Lemon laws vary from state to state and it can be very difficult to resolve your lemon issue.  A lawyer experienced in the lemon law can guide you through your state's laws and can bring a lawsuit on your behalf if necessary. 

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