If you need a lawyer in Texas, where should you look?  Starting with the State Bar of Texas is a good, but limited, first step.

The State Bar of Texas offers an attorney referral service for people who live in counties where the local County Bar Associations do not offer lawyer referrals.  Texas’ service is reached by a toll-free number, and is free of charge.  The cost of your first visit with your lawyer is only $20.

One drawback to this attorney referral service is that it only provides the name and phone number of the lawyer.  If you are interested in getting more information on the lawyer being referred, you will need to do your own research.

The State Bar of Texas’ website also has a list of counties that offer their own attorney referral services, along with contact information for those services.  These include some of the more populous counties in Texas, such as the Dallas Bar Association and the Harris County Bar Association (where Houston is located).

If you are looking for a lawyer in Texas, a full review of the public and private attorney referral services in Texas can be found by your location below: