If you need a lawyer in Florida, how should you begin? One place to start is with the Florida Bar Association, although the results are a bit limited.

The Florida Bar’s website offers a free attorney referral service on their website. After filling out a short form which asks for your location, area of law that you are concerned with, and preferred language, a lawyer referral is provided to you.

Florida’s service does have several drawbacks. The lawyer referral just provides the name, address, and phone number of the attorney - if you are interested in more information about the lawyer, you will need to do your own research. Also, there is no indication if the lawyer is available to take your case. Finally, Florida’s attorney referral service, while free, does not specify how much your initial consultation will cost.

If you are stumped for a lawyer in Florida, and not too concerned with who the lawyer will be, the Florida Bar’s attorney referral service is a good first step.  However, if you are a bit choosier, you might want to consider using a private attorney referral service to find your lawyer. Follow these links to a useful websites for evaluating various Lawyer Referral Services:

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Lawyer Referral Services in Orange County FL
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