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Burn Settlement Injury Lawyers

A burn injury refers to a skin injury that was caused by a source of high heat such as fire or a chemical coming into contact with the skin. The injury can also occur because of fast-moving parts coming into contact with the skin and causing a burn as a result of friction. Burn injury claims are usually based on negligence.

What Is a Settlement?

A settlement offer is made to one party to another to cover losses or injuries caused. A settlement offer may be negotiated before, during, or after the filing of a lawsuit. The settlement offer can be accepted or rejected by the party receiving offer. The injured party can also make a settlement offer to the liable party.

What Are Some Factors that Determine a Settlement Amount?

Burn injuries are usually have a higher settlement amount because the pain and suffering the individual endures and any permanent scarring. Other factors in a settlement offer include the:

How Can a Defendant’s Intentions Increase a Settlement Amount?

If a defendant acted in an inexcusable way, a plaintiff may receive punitive damages if the case is decided at trial. Punitive damages are meant to punish defendants who were grossly negligent or intended to burn the plaintiff.

What Are Some Other Factors Used to Determine a Settlement Amount?

Pain and suffering and past, current, and future medical bills are added to a settlement offer.

Should I Accept a Settlement Offer without Talking to a Lawyer?

No. Settlement negotiations are complex. Sometimes, a settlement offer may seem like a lot of money, but the amount will not even be enough to cover all of your medical bills. It is highly recommended you consult a personal injury lawyer about any settlement offers you receive.

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