Trying to find an attorney in Idaho can be a slow and stressful process.  Using an attorney referral service is a great first step.  By both pointing you in the right direction and limiting your search to those attorneys that that are skilled in the area you need, these services both speed up your search, and make a more efficient use of your time.

The Idaho State Bar maintains an easy-to-use attorney referral service on its website.  First, you select the general area of law you are concerned with, and the service then asks you to select from a list of more specific legal topics.  After you then indicate where you need the attorney, a list of lawyer referrals is immediately provided.  This service is free to use, and the cost of your initial consultation with your lawyer is only $35.

In addition to the service offered by the Idaho Bar, there are a number of private attorney referral services available in Idaho.  These services can easily be found with an online search.  While these private referral services all differ from one another, most offer multiple lawyer referrals, while also providing information about those lawyers.  These services also often maintain legal libraries on their websites.  These services are free to use, and the cost of your initial consultation with your lawyer is usually only $0 - $50.

Attorney referral services offer a quick and painless way to get a list of suitable lawyers to deal with your problem.  Finally, the low consultation fees negotiated by these services provide an inexpensive way to find the lawyer that is right for you.