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What Can a Houston Bankruptcy Lawyer Do for You?

A Houston bankruptcy lawyer can review your financial situation and help you decide whether bankruptcy is the right solution for you. If you and your lawyer think that bankruptcy is the right choice, a bankruptcy lawyer can explain the various options, i.e., for individuals, Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, and for businesses, Chapter 7, Chapter 11 or Chapter 13. There are other new options as well, which they can explain to you in greater detail.

Bankruptcy can be a long and complicated process and you are most likely to navigate it successfully if you have an experienced lawyer on your side. A lawyer can represent you most effectively in court hearings before bankruptcy court judges. They can also most effectively negotiate with creditors and lenders on your behalf. You are going to get the best possible outcome if you have an experienced Houston lawyer representing your interests and helping to protect your assets.

How Much Does a Houston Bankruptcy Lawyer Cost?

A Houston bankruptcy lawyer may offer different fee options for bankruptcy representation. One of the options is paying on an hourly basis for hours worked on your case. The hourly fees can range from $100 to $500 an hour or more. If a lawyer charges an hourly fee, they keep careful track of the time they spend working on your case and calculate the amount owed monthly.

Another option that is common for individual consumers is a flat fee for the entire process. This flat fee can range from as little as $700 to as much as $2500. If other services are required in your bankruptcy, there may be additional charges.

Another option is a flat fee for a particular service. In the area of bankruptcy, for example, an experienced attorney might charge a fee of $500 to prepare and file a bankruptcy petition only. Additional services might entail additional fixed payments.

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