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What Is an Independent Contractor?

An independent contractor is usually a consultant, freelance worker, or other similar person. Companies hire independent contractors for certain projects and for a specific period of time. Individuals become independent contractors because of the desire for a flexible schedule and to be their own boss. 

What Are the Rights of Independent Contractors?

There is much confusion over what rights independent contractors possess in regard to companies that employ them. These rights include:

What Are the Rights of Employers?

There are many benefits to an employer in hiring an independent contractor. These benefits include:

Why Is It Important to Determine If I'm an Independent Contractor?

Employers have a distinct advantage in classifying workers as independent contractors. The most important reason is because it saves the company money. In return, companies might act as though you're an employee and withhold many of the benefits of an independent contractor. 

What Factors Determine an Independent Contractor?

To determine whether your employer has made you an independent contractor check for several typical ingredients. These include:

Should I Consult an Attorney?

An experienced business or employment attorney can help you determine whether you're an independent contractor or employee. The attorney can assist you in finding out what rights an employer may be withholding from you.

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