Controlling the Use of Your Image or Likeness

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It is possible to control the use of your own image (that is, pictures or other representations of you). This has become an increasingly important issue with the use of the internet. For example, if a picture is taken of you, you can stop it from being posted on an internet website.

Three Grounds for Stopping the Use of Your Likeness

There are three possible ways to stop your image from being used by a website:

Someone Has Used a Picture of Me without My Permission, Do I Need a Lawyer?

There can be many complicated issues in determining whether you can stop someone from using your image or likeness. An experienced lawyer can held you determine if someone has invaded your privacy, infringed on your right of publicity, or defamed you. Also, the laws on these issues can vary from place to place. If you need to sue an individual to get them to stop using your image, a lawyer would have knowledge of the local laws and be familiar with the appropriate procedures.

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